The Little Mermaid (8+)

The Little Mermaid (8+)
12 Feb '22 to 13 Feb '22
Theater Utrecht / Thibaud Delpeut
1st rank € 34.5/ 2nd rank € 32 / 3rd rank € 21.5

Musical and enchanting theatre performance for the whole family.

The Little Mermaid
is a theatre celebration full of deep-sea animations, songs and music for the whole family. In his famous fairy tale, Hans Christian Andersen tells a story about coming of age, growth, identity and desire. In Theater Utrecht's contemporary, adapted version, his enchanting narration is the story of fourteen-year-old Annabelle in which she meets the most wonderful creatures and experiences all kinds of adventures. Will Annabelle give up her voice in order to dance with the Prince?

Start time: 19:00 & 14:30
Duration: tba, including interval
Location: Rabozaal  
Language: Dutch

The story

Fourteen-year-old Annabelle is waiting in hospital for the umpteenth operation on her legs. At night she is alone and meets Mattie. Mattie is very tough and smart and challenges her to dance. If only Annabelle didn’t have those clumsy and weird legs. At night in her dreams, Annabelle is engulfed by a magical underwater world where she meets wonderful creatures and experiences exciting musical adventures. -|-On the birthday of the Sea King, Annabelle sings magnificently, but above anything else she would love to dance… Will she give up her voice to the Sea Witch in order to dance with the Prince?

The Little Mermaid is a special family performance by Theater Utrecht in co-production with Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.


text, direction and orchestration Thibaud Delpeut
Dries Bijlsma
song texts Guus van der Steen
set design Dieuweke van Reij
costume design Dymph Boss
lighting design Bart van den Heuvel
sound design Sander van der Werff
dramaturgy Joris van der Meer
video compositing Hendrik Walther
interaction designer Daan Gijzen
video design and animation Tom Jager and Huig van den Hoofdakker
assistantdirector Jip Vuik
Annebel Overbeeke and Charmaine Charlemagne and others.

With Covid Admission Ticket

To visit this performance you need a valid COVID admission ticket. This can be a negative test result, a vaccination certificate or proof that you have recovered from corona (proof of recovery). You must convert one of these into a QR code in the CoronaCheck app or a print via Only then will you have a valid COVID admission ticket.



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