Doula's van de Stad + WijOok jr.

Lieve Stad 2022

Doula's van de Stad + WijOok jr.

Female Economy / ITA-junior


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Doula's van de Stad + WijOok jr.
Female Economy / ITA-junior
€ 20.50 / € 18 (students)

In December 2020, Doula’s van de Stad by Adelheid Roosen/Female Economy was to play in ITA. But everything changed because of the pandemic that hit us in that year. The project that was supposed to play live in the theatre became a documentary. During the preparation period of Doula's van de Stad, the idea arose to thematically link the ITA jr. production of that year to Doula's van de Stad; Adelheid and her team the women and the makers team of ITA their daughters. WijOok jr. was also unable to play to an audience earlier due to the many lockdowns.

Now, a year later, ITA and Female Economy present both projects in one afternoon in the main hall of ITA. Two artistic products of their own that are connected in spirit and, on this afternoon, will join forces to talk about the power of women and prohibition.


- screening of documentary Doula’s van de Stad
- discussion
- intermission
- Perfomance WijOok jr.

Start 14:30
Location Grote Zaal
Duration 180 minutes (including intermission)

Doula's van de Stad

'In poignant language and courageous silences, the doulas erect a valuable monument to strength and vulnerability' - NRC ★★★★

The film Doula's van de Stad, made in lockdown, follows Adelheid Roosen's admiration for women who, in the veins of their neighbourhoods and cities, are there for others every day. With alert senses, the doulas - she who guides you - fight poverty, loneliness, domestic violence, crime and more. They see the injustice, taste the sorrow and hear the violence in the silences.

-|-In this open-hearted and penetrating film, the eight women open up to each other, revealing the source from which they give and work. Despite their completely different backgrounds, they discover that they have more in common than they expected.

"What a gift this film is! It was as if I was there too. My heart has been opened again to what is real." Judith, audience reaction

Meet the doulas

Darifa + Nora | strengthen the self-esteem of women as primeval mothers of the neighbourhood.
Diana |
makes mothers of young people who end up in crime the centre of the solution.
Dinah |
persistently fights for diverse rights for the BPOC trans-community.
Hameeda |
guides adult victims in their healing after child abuse.
Meikina |
supports lonely community members where she can, every day.
Zainab |
trains women to grow into autonomous forces that stand for who they are.
Adelheid |
fights fearlessly and tenderly for the open conversation.

WijOok jr. © Dim Balsem
WijOok jr. © Dim Balsem

WijOok jr.

Every season Internationaal Theater Amsterdam creates a performance with and for young people. As a starting point we choose a theme from one of ITA's performances. This theme is the starting point of a research. The joint research of the young people and the professional theatre and dance makers who accompany them results in a performance that is performed before an audience. This year, our source of inspiration is the project Doula's van de Stad by Adelheid Roosen.

In WijOok jr., fifty girls are given the space to explore their womanhood. The daughters of Amsterdam who are the future of this country. -|-Who formulate their own answers to current questions. Who give old truths a new perspective. Young women who accept the challenge in the here and now to take a step. A step into the new era. Girls with a self-awareness that is greater than ever, with the power of a multicultural gendered truth and the potential to lead the world from a new inspiration. In which collective is paramount, because change is not something you do alone. We ask you - man, woman, boy, girl and everything in between - to join us in searching and dreaming.

WijOok jr. © Dim Balsem

25 March - 3 april

Lieve Stad,

Amsterdam is a city of many faces, literally, because we live here together with many different nationalities. Lieve Stad is about the city and all its inhabitants. This festival, a collaboration between ITA and Meervaart, is about bringing people together, in the city, in the theatre, in society. How do we live together and what stories do all individuals and groups carry with them? They all have their own stories, strengths and challenges. Showing these is the starting point of Lieve Stad.



Doula's van de Stad
Idee, initiatief & regie: Adelheid Roosen
Montage, regie & cinematografie: Maasja Ooms
Research: Myriam Sahraoui
De Doula's: Nora Aamour, Darifa Benhadhoum, Meikina van Ingen, Hameeda Lakho, Zainab Makhlouf, Dinah de Riquet-Bons, Diana Sardjoe, Adelheid Roosen
Met speciale dank aan gespreksleider Jale Simsek
Geproduceerd door CCCP + HUMAN + Female Economy

-|-WijOOk jr.
spel Aïsha Valerius, Anne Tentenburg, Che van Vorstenbosch, Coco ter Heide, Eline Fennis, Fiep Mulderije, Jasmijn van Gend, Jente van den Brenk, Joline Velthuijsen, Meike Derksen, Nikya Esselink, Rosa Postmus, Rozan Hillenbrandt, Tamira Bovill, Thalia Schumacher, Valentina Caporossi
Muriël Besemer, Ayşe Nur Salli, Bodil Loos, Joanne Purperhart, Nilay Ceber, Martha Villada Marquez. Nouf Rafea en Liselotte Zwart
scenografie Lisanne Bovee
lichtontwerp en techniek Anouk Steenbakkers, Patrick Jonker
geluidsontwerp en techniek Marcel Sman
1e inspiciënt Arist Richartz
productie Emma van Buuren
communicatie Iris Istha
fotografie Josefiene Degenaar