Een leven lang theater: Nita Liem

Lieve Stad 2022

Een leven lang theater: Nita Liem

ITA-Academy / The Need for Legacy


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Een leven lang theater: Nita Liem
ITA-Academy / The Need for Legacy
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In the series A lifetime of theatre (een leven lang theater), we travel through contemporary Dutch theatre and dance history. Each episode focuses on a different artist whose work we will be shedding light on through interviews, film and image fragments. In addition, up-and-coming makers and performers from one of the Dutch theatre academies will pose a specific question to our chief guest. The guest will respond to this question from her own vision, so that the audience immediately has a clear insight into the actions and ideas of this artist.

In this edition of Lifelong Theatre, Nita Liem is our chief guest.

Start 02:00 pm
Location Grote Zaal
Language Dutch

Nita Liem, born in 1962 in Malang, Indonesia, studied dance expression at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam. From 1986, she became intrigued by hip-hop dancers and followed their development closely. From 1992 to 2000, she developed into a physically-minded theatre maker, giving form and movement to young people who, 'by choice', would rather hang out on the street than go to the theatre for any reason.

Nita attended various international workshops and trainings, undertook study tours and conducted research in New York, Washington, Dakar and Johannesbug.

Together with theatre reporter and dramatist Bart Deuss, she founded the Don't Hit Mama dance theatre in 2000. A house for talent development for young dancers and theatre makers. -|-The work of Don't Hit Mama revolves around celebration, dance and awareness. Attitude and mentality play a major role.

In this work, Nita brings different worlds together, using social and ritual dance forms and inspired by her own experience with and view on migration.

After 20 years, she completes this period and stops Don't Hit Mama. She now chooses for her own development as an artist, performer, coach and researcher.

As a performer, Nita draws inspiration from the Javanese court dance and the dance technique developed by the Senegalese Germaine Acogny.

25 March - 3 april


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