Girls & Boys

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Girls & Boys

Toneelgroep Oostpool / Daria Bukvic


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Girls & Boys
Toneelgroep Oostpool / Daria Bukvic

A gripping one-woman show with Hadewych Minis

The performance received several five-star reviews, in which both the direction and the performance by Minis were praised extensively. Bukvić and Minis leave the audience gasping for breath.

Festival Nederlands Theater Festival

Run time 105 minutes
Genre Theatre
Language Dutch

Girls & Boys

An unexpected meeting at an airport leads to an intense and passionate love affair. Soon, the young woman and her great love start to settle down. They buy a house, get married, have two children and juggle careers. The life they have built together is happy and comparable to many, but gradually the marriage crumbles and their lives take a disturbing turn.
Girls and Boys
is a gripping one-woman show that begins as a hilarious fairy tale and ends in an unimaginable nightmare. This monologue, written by acclaimed British playwright Dennis Kelly, was released in 2018 Director Daria Bukvić decided it was time to bring this theatrical cry for help to the
Dutch theatres: 'Girls Boys is from the heart for me. It is the most urgent play I have read in years.'

From the jury report

Directed by Daria Bukvić, Hadewych Minis takes the audience along in a chilling story that starts as a light-hearted boy meets girl story, but ends as a pitch-black drama. Bukvić alternates quiet moments with energetic movement sequences that create air and space, and in which the drama can resonate. With her open and honest acting, Minis shows how a character has to deal with the greatest possible pain and tries to find new footing. The performance leaves you gasping for breath.


'Hadewych Minis delivers a stellar performance.'


'A valuable piece about an important theme.'

De Volkskrant

'Magisterial collaboration between Hadewych Minis and Daria Bukvić.'


'Girls and Boys delivers electricity through the skilful hands of Bukvić and the diction and style of Minis.'

Theaterkrant - Choice of the critic

'Hadewych Minis leaves the audience breathless.'

De Telegraaf

'How Hadewych Minis brings such a big drama without effect gives chills'


text Dennis Kelly
translation Han van Wieringen
direction Daria Bukvić
acting Hadewych Minis
dramaturgy Madelon Kooijman
music Wilko Sterke
lighting design Yuri Schreuders
costume atelier Femke van Neerven
marketing Daniel Jaspers, Thijs Toonen en Femke Krijntjes
production management Elianne Weijers
engineering Hergen Verheul, Han Verweijen, Pieter de Jonge, Douwe van Doornewaard, Menno Romers, Sebastiaan Kruk
campaign image Marijke de Gruyter en Nicolien de Jong
with thanks to Marieke Liem
context programme Saly Ndoye en Sara Bouman
podcast creator Vinny Tailor
podcast hosts Kaouthar Darmoni en Jens van Tricht

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