04 Apr '19 to 07 Apr '19

Hamlet (8+)

Theater Rotterdam / Pieter Kramer
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From €10 - €38,50 / Children from €10 - €17,50

The creators of Lang & Gelukkig, Woef Side Story and Snorro now present a new family show, based on the most famous play of all time: Hamlet. Director Pieter Kramer once again produces a performance that is full of rushed costume changes, grotesque fistfights and swinging songs. Alex Klaassen writes new song texts.

Grote Zaal
Duration: not yet know, no intermission
Language: Dutch
For the whole family


The Danish teenage prince Hamlet encounters a lot of trouble. He loses his father; his uncle marries his mother and some of his friends can’t be trusted anymore. Add to that a nightly visit of a spirit apparition and you have a young prince who gets very confused. From a cheerful surfer boy with great hair, he turns into a sombre young man who suffers from anger outbursts.

Every year, Theater Rotterdam (formerly Ro Theater), together with maker Pieter Kramer, presents a festive performance for the whole family. This year he takes on the best-known stage classic by William Shakespeare. Hamlet, a show for the whole family, promises to be a visual spectacle full of clowning, pop hits and physical stunts.

Theater Rotterdam was born in 2017 out of the merger of Ro Theater, Rotterdamse Schouwburg and Productiehuis Rotterdam. Theater Rotterdam stands for ground-breaking, often interdisciplinary theatre that wants to celebrate difference, diversity and multiformity. Pieter Kramer is the permanent core within the ensemble of Theater Rotterdam. Since 1999, Kramer has been producing a family show every year, which for many families is a permanent fixture during the holidays. Kramer has won several prizes with these theatre shows, including the one for Best Musical (Woef Side Story) and Best Director (Gelaarsde Poes). Kramer’s film version of Lang en Gelukkig won three Golden Calves including best cast and the jury prize. Kramer’s family performances are characterised by his unique adaptation of old classics, the dozens of costume changes and the inventive decors.


'Hamlet of niet, het maakt weinig uit wat het bronmateriaal is, een theaterfeestje bouwen kunnen ze.'
- De Volkskrant****

'Vaart, humor, muzikaliteit en intrige komen hier op slimme wijze bij elkaar.'
- Het Parool

For the whole family

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