Theater Rotterdam / Johan Simons


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Theater Rotterdam / Johan Simons
5e rang va €10 - 1+ rang va €38,50

Crackling love game between two unpredictable particles. Johan Simons directs this first Dutch-language adaptation of Heisenberg (translation: Ariane Schluter) in which top actors Hans Croiset and Elsie de Brauw appear on stage together.

Grote zaal
Duration: not yet known, no intermission
Language: Dutch

At a busy train station, Georgie suddenly kisses the neck of a much older man, Alex. This bizarre encounter catapults the two strangers into a fascinating and unlikely relationship. Part friendship, part love affair.

Some time ago, British playwright Simon Stephens wrote the monologue Song from Far Away especially for Eelco Smits. In 2018, he broke through into the mainstream with his adaptation of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Now this Tony Award winner is back with an intimate and life-affirming romantic comedy. He himself said about the writing process: “I think it was perhaps the most fun I've ever had writing a play. People should be able to tell from the writing but I just had a ball.”

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle helped to redefine the world of physics, but Stephens is less concerned with quantum mechanics than with the uncertainty of the human heart. With speed and humour, Heisenberg asks us to give love a chance and embrace the unknown.


'[…] in Heisenberg klinkt de ware betekenis vooral tussen de spraakwaterval van Georgie door […] Dan voel je hun eenzaamheid, de pijn en het verlangen naar echte verbinding.'

'Diepe ontroering' - De Telegraaf

'Heisenberg is een mooi geschreven stuk, door Ariane Schluter in opvallend lekker bekkend Nederlands vertaald bovendien.'- Trouw

'Elsie de Brauw is meesterlijk' - Trouw

'Uitstekende spelers' - de Volkskrant

'Hans Croiset en Elsie de Brauw fenomenaal'- Leidsch Dagblad

'Een genot om naar te kijken, dit is acteren tot in de perfectie'- Leidsch Dagblad

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