De wereld volgens John

Het Nationale Theater / Eric de Vroedt

De wereld volgens John

Het Nationale Theater / Eric de Vroedt


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De wereld volgens John (The world according to John) is a fired-up story about male friendship. But also an indictment by the 'normal Dutchman' who is increasingly bothered by the people who are throwing away his 'beautiful country': sneering bosses, complaining newcomers and women who do not know their natural place. Just like in The Nation, Eric de Vroedt goes back to do research in The Hague. This time he exchanges the Schilderswijk for Duindorp.

Grote Zaal
Duration: tba

Magistrale voorstelling

“Joris Smit speelt de rol van zijn leven als Jan K., boos, bleek, wanhopig en aandoenlijk” de Volkskrant

“Magistrale voorstelling” Trouw ★★★★★

“Coopmans speelt de talkshowhost John met een timing, snelheid en een tekstbehandeling waar je u tegen zegt.” de Volkskrant

“Een vertelling die je machteloos aan je stoel kluistert.” Noordhollands Dagblad

Stirring mix of stand-up comedy, music, video and dance.

De wereld volgens John, a stirring mix of stand-up comedy, music, video and even dance, is named after the (un)popular character John Lanschot from The Nation (played by Bram Coopmans). Lanschot returns to De wereld volgens John, together with a number of other characters from The Nation. The structure resembles that of the film Trainspotting, in which the performance starts with the final act: the protagonist dead in the monkey enclosure in the zoo. How did that happen and how did he get there?

Yan K., Vinnie and John do the hard work at a low budget airline. They put huge petrol hoses into EasyJets and regularly break the world record for baggage handling. Without Yan, Vinnie and John, the globetrotting world would quickly come to a standstill, they think. 'I matter', proclaims Yan's T-shirt proudly. But then he is found dead in the monkey enclosure of Blijdorp Zoo. John Lanschot, the populist politician from episode 2 of The Nation, explains how in god’s name it has come to that.

Have not you seen The Nation? No problem. De wereld volgens John is also suitable for those who have missed the previous parts.

Eric de Vroedt

Eric de Vroedt made a name for himself with his ten-part project mightysociety, engaged theatre about current issues, which was awarded various prizes. In recent years he has worked as a freelance director at, among others, Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Schauspielhaus Bochum and het Nationale Toneel. Since 2017, he has been artistic director of Het Nationale Theater, where he also produced the six-part project The Nation.

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