In Search of Democracy 3.0

Lieve Stad 2022

In Search of Democracy 3.0

Stichting Nieuwe Helden / ARSENAAL / Het Zuidelijk Toneel / Lucas De Man


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In Search of Democracy 3.0
Stichting Nieuwe Helden / ARSENAAL / Het Zuidelijk Toneel / Lucas De Man
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In March it is the day: The Netherlands will vote in the municipal elections. But how is our democracy doing? Research shows that trust in democracy is declining worldwide, and our Dutch democracy is also under pressure. It is high time to take a close look at democracy: something has to change, but what exactly and how?

Start 20:00
Location Grote Zaal
Duration nnb
Language Dutch

Democracy in a whirlwind

In the live research performance 'In Search of Democracy 3.0', Company New Heroes (in cooperation with Het Zuidelijk Toneel and ARSENAAL) searches together with the audience for what our democracy should look like now. What are the challenges? Where do the opportunities lie? 'In Search of Democracy 3.0' is a combination of theatre, music and direct dialogue with the audience. In this dynamic performance, the history of democracy is told in a whirlwind, the audience votes and the open and accessible atmosphere creates the possibility for the audience to have their say.

In the press

"From the very first minute, the three playfully involve the audience in their quest.... no one is too shy to contribute verbally to the seemingly loose discussion, which on the other hand is kept tightly under control by De Man and is cleverly and wittily fed by his actresses.... Quick, improvised jokes in between, and a great pile of suggestions from the audience." - Dagblad van het Noorden

"Much will have to change to keep democracy real and alive. The creative people on the floor know how to stimulate the people into small and large suggestions heart-warming and surprising. Wonderful to experience!" -Theaterkrant

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