GRIP / Jan Martens & Marc Vanrunxt


GRIP / Jan Martens & Marc Vanrunxt


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Marc Vanrunxt was one of the big names of the innovative dance wave that flooded Flanders in the early eighties. A few generations on, Jan Martens takes care of the follow-up and continuation of this wave.


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Jan Martens in Lostmovements

The artistic paths of the Flemish dancers and choreographers Marc Vanrunxt and Jan Martens have crossed each other regularly in the past and now come together in the form of a solo for Jan.

In his choreographies, Vanrunxt tries to form a new definition of concepts such as time, space, energy and presence. He examines the boundaries of dance as a medium and choreography as a language.

Jan Martens looks for the balance between the conceptual on the one hand and the telling of stories on the other in his work. He is guided by his eye for the beauty of the incomplete man, people of flesh and blood.

NRC wrote about Martens’ previous performance Rule of Three: “With nudity and intense, physical contact in carefully constructed group sculptures, the Flemish choreographer calls for reflection at a time when human existence is overrun by competitive stimuli and incessant, incoherent and unfiltered information streams.” (****)

In lostmovements, Vanrunxt and Martens look for lost and forgotten movements. Or is it rather an archiving of future movements, new intentions and ambitions for the (dance) future?

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