Lisbeth Gruwez & Maarten Van Cauwenberghe (BE) / Voetvolk


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Lisbeth Gruwez & Maarten Van Cauwenberghe (BE) / Voetvolk

A walk in nature as a prelude to a completely new theatre experience

In Nomadics by Voetvolk, the Flemish dance and music group of Lisbeth Gruwez and Maarten Van Cauwenberghe, walking is elevated to an art of living. Growing stiller with every step, connecting with nature around Amsterdam. With Bellevue Theatre as the finishing point: you walk straight onto the stage to attend the show. How will you experience that, with your new walking state of mind?



Run time 60 minutes
Location Theater Bellevue

After talk with Lisbeth Gruwez and Maarten Van Cauwenberghe 14 July

Optional, complimentary hike* starting times:
Friday 14/07 at 17:30
Saturday 15/07 at 16:00

Starting point of the hike: Trainstation Halfweg, at the parking (13,8 km to Theater Bellevue)
As an alternative, you can join the hike from Playground 'De Kraker' (3,2 km to Theater Bellevue)

Seven dancers give voice to nature: pre-eminently the place to unwind. But what do we give her in return? Footfall depicts how she watches us and undergoes our footsteps.

In Nomadics, the dancers form a (passing) raging landscape. Sometimes they are trees, sometimes they are grass. Sometimes they are rock, sometimes even human. The constant transformation results in beauty as well as friction: there is tension in the air. But as physics teaches us: friction eventually leads to warmth, slowing down or change. Through the friction, the dancers search for connection, both with nature and with each other. -|-In this, music is in symbiosis with dance, as always at Voetvolk. Maarten Van Cauwenberghe recorded sounds during preparatory walks - steps, water, wind in the trees, highways... - and brewed them into environmental techno.

Prior to the show, the dancers make a twelve-kilometre hike, the audience is warmly but non-committally invited to walk with them*. The dancers will appear at an agreed place and time and pick them up for a tour, which focuses on looking, experiencing and connecting with the landscape. In fields, along meadows and ditches, with Amsterdam as a vista. The tour ends on the Bellevue stage, where the paths separate again and the performance can begin. But the experience of the tour returns in intensified form.

* Closer to Theater Bellevue, there is an opportunity to join and walk the final kilometres with the group. Not walking along at all, but going to the performance is also possible. The walk is not for seasoned hikers only, but does require good walking shoes, appropriate clothing (e.g. in the case of rain), a well-filled water bottle and a fortifying snack for the road. The walking pace will be moderate, and absolute attention will be given to everyone's safety.


Choreography Lisbeth Gruwez
Composition, sound design and live music Maarten Van Cauwenberghe
Performance Antoni Androulakis, Artemis Stavridis, Francesca Chiodi Latini, Lucie Domenach, Raoul Riva, Simon Arson, Tim Bogaerts (creatietour), Valeria Saija, Victoria Rose Roy
Dramaturgy Bart Meuleman
Light design Jan Maertens
Repetitor Francesca Chiodi Latini-|-
Interns Victoria Rose Roy & Emma Meerschaert
Costume design Eli Verkeyn
Production Voetvolk vzw
Coproductie KVS – Royal Flemish Theatre, Perpodium, Julidans, Theater Freiburg & Charleroi Danse
Residenties KVS, kunstencentrum Nona, BUDA, Charleroi Danse, Voetvolk Atelier Rubigny
Met de steun van The Flemish Community & the Belgian Tax Shelter via Mohow