Sudden and Suspended


Sudden and Suspended

Nederlands Dans Theater 2


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Sudden and Suspended
Nederlands Dans Theater 2
1+ rank € 43.5 / 1st rank € 40.5 / 2nd rank € 38 / 3rd rank € 33 / 4th rank € 24.5 / 5th rank 13

Sudden and Suspended captures three distinct choreographic voices. The program presents a world premiere by NDT guest choreographer Edward Clug, Cluster, engages in a new relationship with Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond who will present a world premiere of Fathoms, and restages Johan Inger’s critically acclaimed IMPASSE.

Start time 19:30
Duration 110 minutes, incl. interval
Location Grote Zaal  
Language language no problem

The performance briefly uses stroboscopic effects.

© Rahi Rezvani

Edward Clug: Cluster

Clug created his first work for NDT in 2015, mutual comfort, that led to rave reviews and thus marked his breakthrough in the Netherlands. In all his works, the choreographer Edward Clug (Romania) displays a poetic and dynamic nature to his choreographic language with a strong contrast in detail that creates refined, intimate and sensual movements. Clug’s premiere for Sudden and Suspended, Cluster, will be his fifth commission with NDT, establishing him as recurring and welcoming guest choreographer with the company.

Tiffany Tregarthen & David Raymond: Fathoms

The choreography of Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond (Canada) can be described as cinematic, and gravity defying and pushes the traditional aesthetics and forms of dance through research, experimentation and rigorous free play. Their work has toured globally and together the choreographers have created for companies worldwide.-|-In 2007 Tregarthen and Raymond founded their own dance company Out Innerspace, that creates works that value the body and human experience as unlimited resources for discovery and meaning. For Sudden and Suspended they have been invited to create their first piece with the dancers of NDT 2: Fathoms.

© Rahi Rezvani

Johan Inger: IMPASSE

The choreography by Johan Inger (Sweden) often underscores a powerful and passionate vocabulary that folds into playful and lyrical passages that create a kinesthetic connection. As a former member of NDT he created his first work for the company in 1995, and held the position of associate choreographer between 2009 and 2015. Inger creates for companies around the world. For Sudden and Suspended the NDT 2 dancers revisit IMPASSE from 2020. The work questions the ability to collectively interrogate the world, and to find the capacity to reimagine it. Fluid movements and strong rhythms are translated through moments of hysterical comic relief and manic isolation that demand an increasing sense of urgency.

In the press

"The young dancers of NDT 2 are a moving work of art with fabulous bodies" ★★★★★ - de Volkskrant about Sudden and Suspended

"Swede Johan Inger's world premiere, entitled IMPASSE, almost collapses under the weight of dance. In terms of theme, that is true: Inger draws attention to the loss of individuality due to peer pressure, but is moralistic in his approach. Impasse starts brightly with three carefree dancers in natural clothes and typical Scandinavian movements. From a house door, six dancers dressed in black take over their space to move. For a moment, the three of them let themselves be forced to the side in astonishment, in order to assimilate into black. Such a takeover is repeated by a crowd of carnivalesque types. But the tragedy of the engulfed tranquillity remains at a distance and almost evaporates in the riotous extravagance." - de Volkskrant about IMPASSE-|-"The magic of the choreography lies in the line of tension that is tightly stretched from beginning to end and creates an unpredictable character. [...] It is bloodcurdling, grating, wringing and causes unrest, but also hilarity." - Leidsch Dagblad about IMPASSE

"The line between progress and regression is a thin one. An eclectic party that brings different people together can just turn into a row between two camps. And where different art movements come together to create something new, it can also mean a decline." - Theaterkrant about IMPASSE


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