Scènes uit een huwelijk


Scènes uit een huwelijk

ITA–Ensemble / Ivo van Hove


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Scènes uit een huwelijk
01 Mar '19 to 31 Mar '19
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam / Ivo van Hove - Ivo van Hove
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Scenes from a Marriage premiered in February 2005 in the Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg. Internationaal Theater Amsterdam has staged Ingmar Bergman’s classic play in such a way as to create intimate spaces in the most unexpected of places. Three sets of actors enact the couple Johan and Marianne while the audience moves round the stage with each new scene.

Celia Nufaar won the Columbina Prize for best supporting actress in her role as mother and Ms Jacobi.

duration 3:40, incl. 1 pauze
premiere 01 Feb 2005
Dutch spoken

About the play

Johan and Marianne appear to be the perfect couple but this paragon of married life is systematically dismantled scene by scene. Half-truths, lies and deceit lead to the painful decline of their marriage. And yet, they cannot let go. What starts out as the marriage from hell gradually becomes a search for unconditional and selfless love.

Scenes from a Marriage depicts the dichotomy between feigned invul-nerability and basic emotional needs, between the desire to please others and an uncomfortable self-interest, between believing that we can change and accepting our own failings.


‘Toneelgroep under Ivo van Hove is one of Europe's most brilliant ensembles. They have great vision and, above all, great actors. London should flock to see them… but quickly.’ - Whatsonstage*****

‘superbly acted... gripping and inventive’ - The Guardian****

' audacious re-imagining of Bergman that strikingly lays bare the knotty complexities of human nature and relationships' - Time Out London ****

‘Bergman magistralement adapté‘ - le nouvel Observateur

‘TA makes an impression with exciting Scenes From a Marriage’ - GPD

‘…beautiful moments of intense acting’ - de Volkskrant

‘Van Hove’s innovative use of language commands respect as ever’ - Parool

Ivo van Hove
Ivo van Hove

Ivo van Hove has been director of Internationaal Theater Amsterdam since 2001.

In season 20|21, he will be directing Age of Rage and his productions A little life, Freud, Who Killed My Father, The hidden force, The things that pass, Dagboek van een Verdwenene will be reprised.

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Ingmar Bergman

Drawing on almost thirty years of marriage experience with five different spouses, Ingmar Bergman (1918 - 2007) was able to write the screenplay to his hit film Scenes From A Marriage in three months. Bergman felt a strong connection with his lead characters Johan and Marianne: 'I became very fond of these people during the writing process. They generally talk a lot of nonsense but now and again will say something of substance. They are nervous, happy, egotistical, stupid, friendly, wise, willing to make sacrifices, affectionate, angry, loving, sentimental, insufferable and endearing.'


Language NP Language no problem Janni Goslinga Janni Goslinga
Language NP Language no problem Hugo Koolschijn Hugo Koolschijn
Language NP Language no problem Celia Nufaar Celia Nufaar
Language NP Language no problem Bart Slegers Bart Slegers
Language NP Language no problem Claire Bender Claire Bender
Language NP Language no problem Charlie-Chan Dagelet Charlie-Chan Dagelet
Language NP Language no problem Eva Zoë Heijnen Eva Zoë Heijnen
Language NP Language no problem Alwin Pulinckx Alwin Pulinckx
Language NP Language no problem Camilla Siegertsz Camilla Siegertsz
Language NP Language no problem Benjamin de Wit Benjamin de Wit
Language NP Language no problem Maartje van de Wetering Maartje van de Wetering
Ingmar Bergman Foundation


regie Ivo van Hove
vertaling Karst Woudstra
dramaturgie Bart Van den Eynde
scenografie, kostuums Jan Versweyveld
castingadviezen Hans Kemna
coproducent Kaaitheater
hoofd techniek & productie Wolf-Götz Schwörer
publiciteit Ewa Chojecka

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