02 Mar '24 to 10 Mar '24
ITA Ensemble / Rebecca Frecknall

Young British star director Rebecca Frecknall creates a contemporary adaptation of August Strindberg's famous play.

Run time 110 minutes
Genre theatre
Language Dutch
Surtitles Thu February 29 & Thu March 7

Opening night Sun February 25


On a hot summer night, a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse is about to unfold. Julie, the volatile daughter of a wealthy magnate, yearns to break free from the confines of her family and society. Opposite her stands John, her father's driver who harbours his own desires for rebellion and revolution. Between the two stands Christine, the housekeeper, Julie’s confidant, and John’s wife. What commences as a reckless flirtation evolves into an inescapable stalemate from which no one will walk away unharmed.

Rebecca Frecknall breathes new life into August Strindberg's Miss Julie (1888), bringing it into the 21st century. Themes of class and power, and the consequences of unbridled desires permeate the narrative.


In her home country, Rebecca Frecknall (1986) is best known for her West End direction of Cabaret – a classic 1960s musical set in 1930s Berlin – for which she received an Olivier Award. The Evening Standard ★★★★★ wrote: 'Frecknall proves herself one of our most exciting directors, and she draws superb performances from all involved.'

Rebecca Frecknall is Associate Director at London's Almeida Theatre, where she has directed plays such as Three Sisters (by Chekhov) and A Streetcar Named Desire (by Tennessee Williams). About the latter performance, The Times ★★★★★ wrote: 'This is raw, poetic, painful and plausible. Funny, too.'

Julie (directed by Rebecca Frecknall) is based on Miss Julie, the play written by August Strindberg. The ITA Ensemble plays this piece adapted by Frecknall in the Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA).

Rebecca Frecknall on Julie

"I am endlessly fascinated by the power dynamics between men and women on stage and few plays explore these sexual and political undercurrents in more volatile and complex ways than Strindberg’s Miss Julie.

The three young characters ricochet and rebound between love and hate, desire and repulsion, reckless confidence and paralyzing fear across one night which changes each of their lives. The kitchen becomes a battleground, a bunker, a stage, a grave, a gymnasium which requires the actors to become emotional gymnasts and push the limits of their craft.

Written over 130 years ago and originally banned for its strong language and sexual content, this play still has the capacity to arrest, shock and provoke an audience. Julie explores just how far humans can push each other and exposes the destructive power we each harbour."


Language NP Language no problem Eefje Paddenburg Eefje Paddenburg
Language NP Language no problem Minne Koole Minne Koole
Language NP Language no problem Hannah Hoekstra Hannah Hoekstra

In the press

de Volkskrant

"This Julie is sober and effective: well-crafted, convincing text theater that offers plenty of space for three excellent actors."


"What a beautiful, poignant experience the whole thing is: three people trapped by their obsession with their own and each other's vulnerabilities and impulses."


"Super talent Eefje Paddenburg shines as spoilt and lonely Julie in search of love."


"The effect is enchanting; as if the golden rich girl gives light from herself. Beautiful scenography. No wonder Christine and Jan turn carefully around her, as if she is more phenomenon than human."

Het Parool

"A splashing statement for the liberated woman."


'Paddenburg also shines figuratively, because my goodness, what a magnetic stage presence she is.'


"Julie is an intelligent theater performance about desire, status and independence, in which the three actors push each other to great heights."

Eefje Paddenburg, photograhy Fabian Calis. Julie (directed by Rebecca Frecknall) is based on Miss Julie, the play written by August Strindberg. The ITA Ensemble plays this piece adapted by Frecknall in the Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA).
Rebecca Frecknall
Rebecca Frecknall

Rebecca Frecknall is an award-winning director, who has directed in the UK and internationally. She is Associate Director at the Almeida Theatre in London.

In season 23|24 she will direct Julie at ITA.

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after August Strindberg
adaptation and direction Rebecca Frecknall
translation and dramaturgy Anna Sijbrands
scenography Chloe Lamford
light design Jack Knowles
music George Dennis
costumes An D'Huys
with thanks to our Private Producer Remke Schermer and the Compagnons who have earmarked their joint support for Julie.
this production is supported by Ammodo, KPMG


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