Eefje Paddenburg

Eefje Paddenburg (1999) has joined the ITA-ensemble in season 22|23.

In season 23|24 she will perform in the premiere of Julie (director Rebecca Frecknall) and in the revivals of Penthesilea, Blood Wedding and My Heavenly Favourite.


In 2022, Paddenburg graduated from the ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. She played in the movie Foeksia de Miniheks (2010), in the tv series Capsclub and Zenith and in the musicals Ciske de Rat, Mary Poppins and Hij gelooft in mij. In season 21|22, she played in the performance BAAAAAA by Circus Treurdier and Storm voor wie wakker is by House of Nouws.


Language NP Language no problem penthesilea ITA–Ensemble Theater penthesilea
Close penthesilea ITA-ensemble / Eline Arbo
In this searing drama about a fatal love, a blistering passion churns unstoppably to the surface.
Language NP Language no problem Blood Wedding ITA–Ensemble Theater Blood Wedding
Close Blood Wedding ITA Ensemble / Wim Vandekeybus
Driven by an indestructible love, the bride and her lover run off during the party. A savage manhunt is launched. The outcome is fatal.
Language NP Language no problem My Heavenly Favourite
ITA–Ensemble Theater My Heavenly Favourite
Close My Heavenly Favourite ITA Ensemble / Ivo van Hove
30 Nov '23 to 17 Dec '23
Ivo van Hove is the first director to adapt this heartbreaking and at the same time terrifying novel for the stage.
Language NP Language no problem Julie ITA–Ensemble Theater Julie
Close Julie ITA Ensemble / Rebecca Frecknall
21 Feb '24 to 10 Mar '24
Young British star director Rebecca Frecknall creates a contemporary adaptation of August Strindberg's famous play.