Eefje Paddenburg

Eefje Paddenburg (1999) has joined the ITA Ensemble in season 22/23.

In season 24/25, she will perform in the premieres of Giovanni's Room (directed by Eline Arbo) and Angels in America (directed by Ivo Van Hove). Paddenburg can also be seen in the revivals of Julie and Penthesilea.


In 2022, Paddenburg graduated from the ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. She played in the movie Foeksia de Miniheks (2010), in the tv series Capsclub and Zenith and in the musicals Ciske de Rat, Mary Poppins and Hij gelooft in mij. In season 21/22, she played in the performance BAAAAAA by Circus Treurdier and Storm voor wie wakker is by House of Nouws.

At ITA, Paddenburg has previously performed in Blood Wedding, My Heavenly Favourite, Julie and Penthesilea.


Language NP Language no problem Julie ITA Ensemble Theater Julie
Close Julie ITA Ensemble
25 Aug '24 to 03 Sep '24
Young British star director Rebecca Frecknall creates a contemporary adaptation of August Strindberg's famous play.
Language NP Language no problem penthesilea ITA Ensemble Theater penthesilea
Close penthesilea ITA Ensemble / Eline Arbo
10 Sep '24 to 28 Sep '24
In this searing drama about a fatal love, a blistering passion churns unstoppably to the surface.
Language NP Language no problem Giovanni's Room ITA Ensemble Theater Giovanni's Room
Close Giovanni's Room ITA Ensemble / Eline Arbo
15 Jan '25 to 02 Feb '25
David awaits the return of his fiancée Hella. But when he meets Giovanni, a charismatic Italian bartender, the two men become entangled in an intense affair. After three months, David's fiancée returns and he is forced to make a choice.
Language NP Language no problem Angels in America ITA Ensemble Theater Angels in America
Close Angels in America ITA Ensemble / Ivo van Hove
11 Apr '25 to 28 Apr '25
In 2008, Ivo Van Hove directed a radical Angels in America which Tony Kushner himself, after his passage through Amsterdam, dubbed his favourite version up to then. It is this version that is now being staged again, with some actors from the original cast and some new actors from the ITA Ensemble.