The Nether


The Nether

Het Nationale Theater / Nina Spijkers


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The Nether
Het Nationale Theater / Nina Spijkers
3rd rank from €22.50 – 1st rank from €35.50

Het Nationale Theater brings you the Dutch version of the critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller The Nether, directed by Nina Spijkers. We know Spijkers from her previous theatrical productions Laura H. and Temmen van de feeks (Taming of the shrew).

The Nether
is like an episode of the Netflix series Black Mirror on stage.

Starting time 8 p.m.
Duration 90 minutes, no intermission
Location Rabozaal
Language Dutch

In the near future, the internet develops into a hyper realistic virtual world: The Nether. Just like in the real world, dark things happen in the dark corners of The Nether. Hidden away in a restricted domain, there is a virtual Victorian house where men can pay to act out their fantasies on underage boys and girls. Anything is permitted – after all, it’s just a virtual fantasy world, right? A female detective investigates the brothel and its owner. To what extent do fantasies in The Nether lead to real world crimes? And what happens to our moral limits in a world that is becoming increasingly virtual? -|- American writer Jennifer Haley began her career as an actress. When she found that there weren’t many exciting roles out there for women, she decided to start writing them herself. Fast forward, and she is an acclaimed playwright and screenwriter of such shows as the Netflix hit Mindhunter. Nina Spijkers directs The Nether with Yela de Koning and Rick Paul van Mulligen. It is a dizzying play about morals, sexuality and identity, but most of all, a nail biter of a thriller that will surely get under your skin.

The Nether Nina Spijkers Rick Paul van Mulligen Het Nationale Theater
The Nether Nina Spijkers Leandro Ceder Het Nationale Theater


text Jennifer Haley
translation Daan Windhorst
direction Nina Spijkers
actors Shelley Bos, Leandro Ceder, Yela de Koning, Rick Paul van Mulligen and Jaap Spijkers
dramaturgy Remco van Rijn
dramaturgy intern Wessel Padberg
direction assistant Emilie Pos
scenography Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck
costume design Lotte Goos
lighting design Tim van ’t Hof
sound design Timo Merkies
stage manager Jan Harm Wagner
marketing Marije Bettonviel
production Floor van Hees
context programme Laura van Zuijlen, Tim Lafeber
head of costume workshop Iris Elströdt
head of decor workshop Ruud Brouwer
image Gordon Meuleman
design Grrr and Maartje de Groot


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