Through the Grapevine

Nederlands Theater Festival

Through the Grapevine

not standing / Alexander Vantournhout


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Through the Grapevine
not standing / Alexander Vantournhout
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Performers Alexander Vantournhout and Axel Guérin show off their bodies, stripped of any frills, in a quirky pas-de-deux. With great effort and concentration, the two seek balance, equilibrium and harmony without shying away from humor.

This performance is part of the Nederlands Theater Festival. From September 2 to 12, the festival presents the best performances of the past season and also shows successful new developments in the field of theater. Traditionally the festival opens with De Staat van het Theater and in the final weekend the most important theater awards are handed out during the Gala van het Nederlandse Theater.

Start time 20:30

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"Alexander Vantournhout: the circus talks about it, just like dance," Le Monde wrote. Alexander Vantournhout's seventh performance, after La Rose en Céramique (2018) and Raphael (2017), is his first real duet and builds to some extent on ANECKXANDER (2015) in terms of theme. The body is once again presented in a very pure form and the performance further focuses on the creative, kinetic potential of physical limitations, a theme that can be found as a common thread throughout his oeuvre. After the site-specific performance SCREWS (2017), Alexander dives back into the theatre with partner in crime Axel Guérin, whom we previously saw as one of the performers in Red Haired Men (2018).

From the jury report of the Flemish Theatre Festival: "As in his previous performances, Vantournhout again ingeniously pushes his boundaries, in the search for a new movement language between dance and acrobatics. You can only look on in admiration and concentration."

From the press: "As always, Vantournhout's work is so ingenious that it is impossible to describe. One can only gaze with admiration and concentration at the phenomenal physical intelligence displayed here. (...) Alexander Vantournhout confirms his reputation as an unparalleled body magician." - The Standard


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