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Jakop Ahlbom Company

'Extremely precise timing, gripping dance, breathtaking movement patterns, performed by supple bodies that roll around each other like member dolls.' - ★★★★ de Volkskrant

Unseen is a poetic love drama in the unique visual style of the makers of Lebensraum, Horror and Knock-Out.

Festival Nederlands Theater Festival

Run time 80 minutes
Genre Theatre
Language Dutch


An unhappy wife who feels lonely and unseen. A husband who can't shake off the past. A silent burglar who spends the night in empty houses. The arrival of this burglar puts even more pressure on their relationship. It makes them realise what is really of value.
Unseen was partly inspired by the Korean film Bin-Jip by Kim Ki-Duk. It shows Ahlbom's fascination for elusive and surreal worlds. As in the earlier Lebensraum, this performance is poetic, physical and humorous.

From the jury report

'The balance between visual surprise and narrative power is great in Unseen, in which Ahlbom brings an intruder into the home of a couple who have lost each other. Especially beautiful is how the continuous movement of a rotating stage with a nostalgic interior on it is part of a sophisticated choreography.'


De Volkskrant

'In Ahlbom's sublime universe, Silke Hundertmark, Reinier Schimmel and Jakop Ahlbom play the three roles themselves. They do so with extremely precise timing, gripping dance, breathtaking movement patterns, performed by supple bodies that roll around each other like member dolls.'


'The rotating set constantly offers a glimpse of a different room. The actors climb through windows or suddenly emerge from a refrigerator. This takes place in Ahlbom's characteristic style, in which exhausting physical acts, dance and illusions are interwoven.'


'Ahlbom was inspired by the Korean film Bin-Jip and fortunately plays the role of the intruder himself. His body control is breathtaking, as he, for example, moves lovingly and tenderly along with the woman or avoids the angular violence of the man. In choreography as well as in decoration, Unseen is taken care of down to the last detail.'


direction Jakop Ahlbom
dramaturgy Judith Wendel
cast Jakop Ahlbom, Silke Hundertmark, Reinier Schimmel
set design & execution Marlies Schot, Douwe Hibma
lighting design Yuri Schreuders
music & sound design Leonard Lucieer
costume design Esmée Thomassen
costume assistant Kyra Vivian Wessel
technical production Tom Vollebregt, Daan Stigter
technical crew Nick van Doesum, Michel van der Weijden, Allard Vonk, Charley McNelly, Alfred van der Meulen, Ewout Blanken, Pepijn van der Sanden, Arend van Gog (stage)
sgpecial effects Rob's Propshop, Teun Vrolijk, Douwe Hibma
vocal coach Mo Marcus
production Sarah Faye van der Ploeg, Benedikte van der Hoeven, Maud ter Haar (stage)
business management Marc Pil
bookkeeping Louise van der Knaap
education Laura Liefting
marketing Jolijn van Panhuis, Angad Goossen
campaign photography Léon Hendrickx
scenery photography Bart Grietens
trailer & teaser Joao MB Costa
concept and design marketing material Studio MINSK
bookings Netherlands Senf Theaterpartners

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