Hier zijn we koningen

Lieve Stad 2022

Hier zijn we koningen

Het Zuidelijk Toneel / The Black Archives / De Correspondent / Lisette Ma Neza / Ira Kip


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Hier zijn we koningen
Het Zuidelijk Toneel / The Black Archives / De Correspondent / Lisette Ma Neza / Ira Kip
1+ rank € 32.50 / 1st rank € 29.50 / 2nd rank € 27 / 3th rank € 22 / 4th rank € 13.50 / 5th rank € 10

For a long time, Lisette Ma Neza did not want to think about her own story. Inspired by the series 'Hidden History' written by Karin Amatmoekrim for De Correspondent, she ventures to unravel what was deeply hidden in a backpack. Luggage that she carried everywhere but never looked into. It contains a variety of suppressed family anecdotes about escapes from Rwanda, the horrors of genocide and, above all, the prevailing silence. A universal story about uprootedness and the journey out of it.

Start time 20:00
Duration 60 minutes
Location Grote Zaal
Language Dutch

Just in time for Black History Month, Lisette gives us deeply personal and poetic texts that form the basis for a theatrically and musically eclectic evening. Together with Ira Kip and Winston Bergwijn she does not only tell her story. Barbara, Daniel, Giovanni, Melvin, Revé and Rubiën add their experiences and artistic talent, which gives us an interplay of unique perspectives.

-|-The series 'Hidden History' will also be published in book form by the Correspondent and Black Archives in the autumn of 2022. And Het Zuidelijk Toneel is developing an educational play.

For Het Zuidelijk Toneel, this performance is part of their theme of Loneliness.

“The idea for this performance came from the theme of loneliness, which we are currently working on, and the realisation that you can also be lonely as a group, for example if your history is never told.” - Piet Menu

lieve stad

25 March - 3 april

Lieve Stad,

Amsterdam is a city of many faces, literally, because we live here together with many different nationalities. Lieve Stad is about the city and all its inhabitants. This festival, a collaboration between ITA and Meervaart, is about bringing people together, in the city, in the theatre, in society. How do we live together and what stories do all individuals and groups carry with them? They all have their own stories, strengths and challenges. Showing these is the starting point of Lieve Stad.


Direction & music | Ira Kip and Winston Bergwijn
Idea, text and performance | Lisette Ma Neza
Performers: Barbara Willemsen, Daniël Pando, Giovanni Pisas, Melvin Aroma, Revé Terborg and Rubiën Florens Vyent.
Dramaturgy | Ilgin Abeln
Composer and Producer | Benjamin Ankomah
Choreography | Faizah Grootens
Set/costume design | Atelier Clement
Lighting design | Mike Evers
First assistant in set and costume design | Flore Kueter
Second assistant in set and costume design | Menthe de Kloe
Directional assistance | Saron Tesfahuney
Artistic advice | Piet Menu
Hidden History for De Correspondent | Karin Amatmoekrim
Head of technique | Stan Bannier
Production | Rianna Valstar & Lysanne van Esch
Education | Ilrish Kensenhuis
Image | Selwyn de Wind
Publication | Gisèle Mambre