Zinderella (10+)

Zinderella (10+)
26 Jan '22 to 29 Jan '22
Club Guy & Roni / Noord Nederlands Toneel / MAAS / Moniek Merkx
1+ rank € 34.5 / 1st rank € 31.5 / 2nd rank € 29 / 3rd rank € 24 / 4th rank € 15.5 / 5th rank € 10

Zinderella is a sizzling show for everyone between 10 and 110.

You have a bad hair day, a pimple or you feel unseen. Meanwhile, you see only shiny friends with a more than perfect jawline and an extremely cheerful life. You think: I'm not taking part anymore, let me sit in a corner and be ugly. Zinderella is about feeling different, and about all the demands that you and the whole world set on you.

Start time: 19:00   
Duration: tba
Location: Grote zaal  
Language: Dutch

In a fairytale-like physical show with thirteen young and not so young bodies, we free ourselves from our grey kitchens. We open the dance floor wildly, giving you a glimpse into our backstage area, where insecurity, -|-pimples and fear of your naked body are no longer hidden under a beautiful dress. But know this: happiness always follows, sometimes from unexpected directions and not always in the form of a prince or princess.

Moniek Merkx x NITE

Director Moniek Merkx, until recently director of Maas Theatre and Dance, could be called the Guy Weizman of youth theatre. Both make 'maximalist' theatre and work interdisciplinary. Merkx' collaboration with NITE is therefore very logical, if not a match made in heaven.


concept, direction Moniek Merkx
Ada Daniele, Arno Verbruggen, Art Srisayam, Bodine Sutorius, Olympia Kotopoulos, Sam Corver, Sara Giampaolo and a number of young co-performers
Joop van Brakel
Cecilia Moisio
scenography Sanne Danz
costumes MAISON the FAUX
lighting design Ge Wegman
direction co-actors Dorien Folkers
dramaturgy Robbert van Heuven

With Covid Admission Ticket

To visit this performance you need a valid COVID admission ticket. This can be a negative test result, a vaccination certificate or proof that you have recovered from corona (proof of recovery). You must convert one of these into a QR code in the CoronaCheck app or a print via CoronaCheck.nl. Only then will you have a valid COVID admission ticket.



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