Corporate sponsors provide fundamental support to our theater. This level of support provides an opportunity to explore the versatility of our theatre. During the course of the sponsorship we focus on one topic, such as leadership, diversity and inclusion, identity, digital innovation or (international) hospitality. We develop custom sponsorships, geared to the specific needs of your organisation.

Stibbe x ITA

Repertoire Sponsor

Stibbe and ITA recognise in each other an ambition to excel, both nationally and internationally. We match on the content and high quality we both strive for in all facets of our work. Together, we invest in preserving world-class repertoire. This allows ITA to continue to show its signature productions and successful productions both here in Amsterdam and worldwide to the widest possible audience. By allowing stakeholders to experience theatre at the highest level and engaging with the current, but also universal themes that are central to our productions. On the basis of shared values, we focus our cooperation on exceptional experiences for Stibbe's staff, clients, and (international) associates.

Hans Witteveen, Stibbe's managing partner: "ITA's focus on content and its high level of excellence are a perfect match for our firm."

Maria Kraakman van het ITA Ensemble in de voorstelling Kleine Zielen

Sustainability Sponsor

To continue sharing stories from around the world, it is important to handle the world with care. That is why, as Sustainability Sponsor, GoodFuels supports Internationaal Theater Amsterdam's ambition to become one of the most sustainable monumental theatres in the Netherlands. In doing so, ITA offers the GoodFuels team tools from theatre practice to improve their daily performance. A unique collaboration in which sustainability and culture come together.