Artist Talk: Arno Schuitemaker


Artist Talk: Arno Schuitemaker

ITA Academy


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Artist Talk: Arno Schuitemaker
ITA Academy

A look behind the scenes and conversation with the makers form an interesting contribution to your visit of a performance. Therefore, ITA Academy continues the a series of Artist Talks: in-depth discussions with inspiring makers about their work and working methods, motives, sources of inspiration and fascinations.Artist Talks take place before or after a performance by the artist in question and offer an in-depth look at the work in a broader context.

Runtime 60 minutes, after the performance
Location Plein Foyer
Language Dutch

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In this first Artist Talk of the season, moderator Selm Wenselaers talks to Arno Schuitemaker, after the performance 30 appearances out of darkness.

The performances by Arno Schuitemaker receive praise for the inventive forms that he creates to express and give meaning to universal themes. Rooted in the pages of his diary, they transform into hyperphysical and embodied meditations on life and the way we (can) engage with the world. Call it dance, performance, or an experience, it is a class of its own. His unique work is presented at renowned venues and festivals in over 25 countries.

-|-In a one-hour conversation, we will discuss his oeuvre, working methods, fascinations and wishes for the future.

Before the Artist Talk, the performance 30 appearances out of darkness will be shown, but you are also welcome to join the Artist Talk only.

30 appearances out of darkness