Gran Bolero

Brandhaarden 2020

Gran Bolero

Jesús Rubio Gamo (ES)


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Gran Bolero
Jesús Rubio Gamo (ES)

Jesús Rubio Gamo doesn't make political dance. But the fact that in Gran Bolero he collaborates with six dancers from Madrid and six from Barcelona is in itself a political act in Spain today. The performance, set to Ravel's world–famous music, is about the search for unity and solidarity that are necessary to live and survive in times of crisis.

hall Rabozaal
starts at 20:00 (28-1) and 19:30 (29-1)
duration 50 minutes
language no problem
dutch première

after talk
29-1 | 20:40 | Pleinfoyer

Gran Bolero - Jésus Rubio Gamo - ITA1
Gran Bolero - Jésus Rubio Gamo - ITA2

An ode to hope

The Bolero composed by Maurice Ravel in 1928 is based on eponymous traditional Spanish dances from the 18th century. Ravel's piece consists of two repeated themes that become more and more exhilarating as the piece goes on. Rubio Gamo created his choreography, Gran Bolero, when he himself was at an impasse: ‘Everything was difficult and I didn't know what to do. One day I listened to Ravel’s Bolero. It's like an impulse, moving forward. I got carried away. Music and dance can save you from loneliness. Dance gives you hope. Music leads you to better times.’

Gran Bolero is an intense piece. It's an ode to hope and to dance itself. Lightness fights with gravity on the very thin line between pleasure and exhaustion. In the footsteps of the music, Rubio Gamo also hearkens back to traditional Spanish dance, to the traces of a collective memory, a past upon which the present is built.

‘The exhausting and incredibly moving Gran Bolero received standing ovations. A brilliant opening of the Dansa Valencia Festival.’
— SusyQ

‘An exceptional work. A masterpiece. If you see a lot of dance performances, it becomes increasingly difficult to leave the auditorium with a sense of euphoria. Gran Bolero provided it.’
— Éter

‘A masterful piece; fresh and original with a choreography that excelled for its difficulty and perfect execution.’
Kiosko y Más
Jesús Rubio Gamo
Jesús Rubio Gamo

Jesús Rubio Gamo is een onafhankelijke choreograaf, danser en schrijver die woont en werkt in Madrid.

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concept, regie en choreografie Jesús Rubio Gamo
dansers Alberto Alonso, Eva Alonso, Albert Barros, Agnès Balfegó, Natalia Fernandes,María Hernando, Joel Mesa, Iván Montardit, Clara Pampyn, Carlos Peñalver, Jose Ruiz, Paula Tato
muziek José Pablo Polo naar Boléro by Maurice Ravel
kostuumontwerp Cecilia Molano
kostuumscreatie Naldi Fernandes
lichtontwerp David Picazo
regieassistent Alicia Cabrero
outside eye Elena Córdoba
production Jorge Rúa
productie assistent Claudia Córdova
fotografie Eva Guillamón, Claudia Córdova, Belén Iniesta
stagiaires Conservatorio Superior de Danza María de Ávila (Madrid) Marta Grifé, Emma de la O Callejo, Aurora Constanza, Laura Eugenia Sánchez, Raúl Pulido
Stagiaires Institut del Teatre de Barcelona Silvia Batet and Cristina Martí
technical coordination Daniel Checa
coproductie Mercat de les Flors and Teatros del Canal
in samenwerking met Conde Duque en Universidad Complutense de Madrid
met dank aan Natalia Álvarez Simó, Marion Betriu, Àngels Margarit, Marc Olivé, Concha Hernández, Carmen Fuentes, María José Aliste, Beatriz Arazamendi, Rocío Casado, Miriam Martín, Tamara Reyes, Carmen Senra, Colegio Mayor Santa María de Europa, Lipi Hernández, Laura Kumin, Inés Narváez, Anna Mateu, Mireia Campo, César Louzan, Fran Martínez, Mario Olave, Carlos Beluga, Juan Carlos Toledo, Poliana Lima, Eduardo Bonito, Lucía Marote, Julen Arévalo, Eugenio Rubio, Javier Guerrero

Warming-ups and after talks


Brandhaarden stages pre-talks (warming-ups) and after talks with the directors or performers involved with the performance. Free admission, drinks allowed.

Tue, Jan 28 19:00 – 19:45 ITA Salon Warming–up 1: Kick-off Brandhaarden (Dutch spoken)

Wed, Jan 29 18:30 – 19:15 ITA Salon Warming–up 2: Gran Bolero, with choreographer Emio Greco as special guest. He created several choreographies on Ravels Bolero. (Dutch spoken)

Wed, Jan 29 20:40 Pleinfoyer | English spoken After talk with Jesús Rubio Gamo hosted by Hans Smit (English spoken)

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