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Nome Próprio / Victor Hugo Pontes (PT)


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Nome Próprio / Victor Hugo Pontes (PT)

In his novel Captains of the Sands (1937), Jorge Amado portrayed the street children of Brazil. Eighty years later, Victor Hugo Pontes started looking for youngsters who today live in some kind of margin. On stage is a group of performers (only two of them being professionals), and ten children from the city where the show is being staged. In Portugal, MARGEM (The Margin) won the ‘Best Choreography 2018’ award, by Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores.

hall Rabozaal
starts at 19:30
duration 80 minutes
language Portugese, surtitled in Dutch and English
Dutch première
8 feb 18:30 warming up
8 feb 21:00 after talk

The street children in Captains of the Sands have to steal in order to eat, sleep on the streets or in abandoned warehouses, and fight daily to survive. Victor Hugo Pontes – Up Magazine calls him ‘the giant of Portuguese dance’ – decided to create a performance about today's ‘captains of the sands’. He interviewed young people from intake centres and institutions and has interwoven their stories with the performers’ own and fictional material. Their experiences take shape in a mix of contemporary dance and urban dance, the language of the street. The music is exhilarating and the performance starts cheerfully, until stories of abuse, loneliness, and life on the streets start to make an increasing impression.

In MARGEM, however, there is also room for hope, for the possibility of moving the margins. The performance poses the question of whether it’s possible to radically change the circumstances of your life. For the makers, the answer is yes. They believe in that possibility. And that gives the performance a political dimension. We've created a world of inequality. What are we going to do with that legacy?

In the press

‘MARGEM is a show to talk about them – and also about sex, racism, revolution and death, among other difficult topics.’ – PÚBLICO

‘Victor Hugo Pontes is a giant of Portuguese dance, who wants to transform our time into action and create tough, physical performances in search of expression and truth.’ – Up Magazine

Sa 8 feb 18:30 - 19:15 | warming-up MARGEM | ITA Salon | language: spoken in Dutch
After a short introduction on MARGEM we talk with Sobai Kuchler, personal counselor at the organisation HVO-Querido, of children / young people at a 24-hour residential family daycare for families who are confronted with violence or eviction.

Sa 8 feb 21:00 - 21:20 | After talk | PLeinfoyer | language: English spoken
after talk with Victor Hugo Pontes hosted by Zeynep Gündüz.

Victor Hugo Pontes
Victor Hugo Pontes

Victor Hugo Pontes studied arts and also took courses in acting, theatre theory, choreography, and directing. This versatility is reflected in his work as a performer, choreographer, theatre director, teacher, set designer, and director for video clips and musicals. Ever since his first choreography, Puzzle, his immense talent has been in the

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direction Victor Hugo Pontes
performers Alexandre Tavares, David S. Costa, Hugo Fidalgo, João Nunes Monteiro, José Santos, Magnum Soares, Marco Olival, Marco Tavares, Nara Gonçalves, Rui Pedro Silva, Tiago Ferreira (replacing André Cabral), Vicente Campos, Vicente de Freitas Melo
text Joana Craveiro
set design F. Ribeiro
music Marco Castro and Igor Domingues, aka Throes + The Shine
technical direction and light design Wilma Moutinho
sound operation Rodolfo Sá Pereira
set assembly Valter Maior
art consulting Madalena Alfaia
production direction Joana Ventura
executive producer Mariana Lourenço
partnerships Casa Pia de Lisboa, Instituto Profissional do Terço
residency support Centro Cultural Vila Flor
co-production Nome Próprio, Centro Cultural de Belém / Fábrica das Artes, Teatro Aveirense

Nome Próprio is a project financed by the Portuguese government –Ministry of Culture / Arts Department, and is based at Campo Alegre Council Theatre, within the remit of the Campo Aberto Theatre program.

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