09 Nov '19



'A vibrant quintet full of affectionate swagger,' wrote de Volkskrant about their latest performance Sweet Demon. LeineRoebana is now presenting a new performance SOLAS, another exciting mix of dance, vocals, music and lyrics. Seven dancers and two classical singers will dance and sing to the music of John Dowland.

Dance, song and music come together in choreography about beauty and comfort.

Solas is the medieval French version of the word 'solace', which means 'comfort, enlightenment, support. Providing solace means that 'helping', 'solving problems' and 'bringing comfort' go hand in hand. Faced with the persistent problems of our time, LeineRoebana takes that to heart in their latest performance SOLAS. The performance does not offer direct solace to suffering world , but it does create the space to find and embrace alternatives. SOLAS combines the comfort of the experience of beauty with the need to look at reality differently.

Seven dancers, mezzo-soprano Talitha van der Spek and talented young artist Elisabeth Hetherington sing and dance to the music of English Renaissance composer John Dowland (1563-1626). In SOLAS, Dowland becomes a contemporary through the accompaniment of electric guitar, through the contrasts with contemporary music and through the juxtaposition with contemporary dance.

LeineRoebana is a dance company with an international reputation, led by Andrea Leine and Harijono Roebana. The choreographers are specialists in the multidisciplinary approach. The interaction between dance and music, in collaboration with musicians and composers, is essential to their work. For LeineRoebana, dance is a physical form of thinking, a way to relate to the world around you.


choreography Andrea Leine and Harijono Roebana
music John Dowland
vocals Talitha van der Spek, Elisabeth Hetherington
dance/vocals: Uri Eugenio, Luana van Eekeren, Andrea Pisano, Timon de Ridder, Myrthe Bokelmann, Diana Senauskaite and Kris Mohammed Adem
guitarist Wiek Hijmans

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