05 Dec '19 to 08 Dec '19

Programma 1

Nederlands Dans Theater 1

With Soir Historique, NDT1 takes you back to 1970, when Hans van Manen created Situation – a daring work that set the tone for the years to come. The evening will be complemented by Gabriela Carrizo's The missing door and a world premiere by Edward Clug.

A celebratory NDT dances into every corner of the room in festive triptych.

The Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) is celebrating 60 years by taking you on a trip down memory lane to 1970 with Soir Historique. That was the year that Hans van Manen, grand master of Dutch dance, choreographed Situation especially for NDT. The work takes place in an empty space with only walls, a door and a clock. There is no music, and the dancers are merely guided by the space and sounds around them.

Van Manen's daring work sets the tone for Soir Historique, an evening centred around the room as a central dance theme, and how this subject has found its way into NDT's sixty-year-old oeuvre. Situation is accompanied by Gabriela Carrizo's The missing door, which she created for the company in 2013. That work is pure dance theatre, performed in a surrealistic room on stage, in which tension, absurdity, humour and timing sublimely coincide.

Inspired by these environments, these situations, the evening will close with a world premiere by Edward Clug, known for his subtle and sharply defined style. For NDT, Clugs creative voice represents a new generation of choreographic forces in the company.


The Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) will celebrate its sixtieth anniversary in the 2019/2020 season. For the company, it is a time to reflect on its modest beginnings, impressive present and promising future. That is why this season, NDT is celebrating the work of the great makers who have given the company its creative signature. It proudly presents a series of (new) contemporary choreographers who make the company what it is today.

About The missing Door

In The missing door (2013), horror dance in a hotel room, furniture, walls and costumes take on a macabre sheen as they are transformed by fast-changing dancers (and concentrated technicians).' - de Volkskrant

'A fascinating performance that plays with a reality where past and imagination literally seep in through the cracks.' - Theater newspaper


Situation Hans van Manen
World premiere Edward Clug
The missing door Gabriela Carrizo

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Language NP Language no problem PassionaraDance La Veronal / Marcos Morau Passionara
Close Passionara La Veronal / Marcos Morau
24 Sep '19
On the planet of Pasionaria, Spanish choreographer Marcos Morau tries to find out what happens when technology advances, a development in which feelings seem to have no role to play. Can we live without love, without suffering?
Language NP Language no problem (im)PulseDance Krisztina de Châtel / SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht / Ensemble 88 (im)Pulse
Close (im)Pulse Krisztina de Châtel / SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht / Ensemble 88
30 Sep '19
The triptych (Im)Pulse presents two acclaimed works by Krisztina de Châtel, Pulse (2007) and Thirteen Images From The Dark Land (2017). The recent piece, REMOTE, a combination of dance and sound art by young artist Audrey Apers, will also be performed.
Language NP Language no problem Set of SetsDance GN | MC / Guy Nader & Maria Campos Set of Sets
Close Set of Sets GN | MC / Guy Nader & Maria Campos
13 Oct '19
Can you grasp something as elusive as time on stage? This Lebanese-Spanish choreographer duo has done a marvellous job at it. Their impressive dancers defy time and gravity.
Language NP Language no problem VALDance Schweigman& VAL
Close VAL Schweigman&
14 Oct '19
Boukje Schweigman's company is known for its unique theatrical language: as a visitor, you are transported to a wordless universe that sharpens the senses. With her latest performance, VAL, she dares to take a leap in the depths; who else dares to fall with her?
Language NP Language no problem De VoorlopersDance Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben De Voorlopers
Close De Voorlopers Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben
24 Oct '19
Uri Ivgi, originally from Israel, and Dutchman Johan Greben have been working together successfully for 15 years, and their work has been performed by leading companies all over the world.
Language NP Language no problem ZeitigungDance Rosas / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker Zeitigung
Close Zeitigung Rosas / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
29 Oct '19 to 31 Oct '19
A young dancer-choreographer gives a new shape to Zeitigung, a piece by world-famous choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, set to live piano music by Bach, Brahms, Schönberg and Webern.
Language NP Language no problem SOLASDance LeineRoebana SOLAS
Close SOLAS LeineRoebana
09 Nov '19
'A vibrant quintet full of affectionate swagger,' wrote de Volkskrant about their latest performance Sweet Demon. LeineRoebana is now presenting a new performance SOLAS, another exciting mix of dance, vocals, music and lyrics.