De Voorlopers


De Voorlopers

Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben


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De Voorlopers
24 Oct '19
Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben

Internationally renowned choreographers IVGI&GREBEN celebrate idealism in their new work.

Duration: tbd
World première

Internationally renowned dance artists pay tribute to idealism.

Rooted in idealism De Voorlopers [The Forerunners] depicts ways to share space and mindful attempts to live together. It celebrates the liberating possibilities and positive alternatives in life and art in times when negativism and fear seem to dominate.

As first arrivals on a far away planet, we witness five individuals crossing paths. It is an empty space, nothing is there. What will they do? How will they live and relate to each other? They could start entirely anew, following their desires and dreams – creating and manipulating, trial and error. The area they occupy reveals itself as a test zone for the eyes of the audience. Their efforts to establish a community result in constantly shifting relations amongst themselves and between themselves and their surroundings.

With their detailed and powerful movement style IVGI&GREBEN create a poetic and turbulent show with a keen emotional appeal.

As choreographers duo IVGI&GREBEN, Uri Ivgi, originally from Israel, and Dutchmen Johan Greben have been working together successfully for seventeen years. Their work is performed all around the world by established dance companies. IVGI&GREBEN are winners of the The Golden Mask Award, Russia’s most prestigious theatre prize.

After having a successful tour with their last piece and Dutch debut We Are In Trouble, IVGI&GREBEN present their new work De Voorlopers / The Forerunners on October 24th at Internationaal Theater, Amsterdam.

The press on We Are In Trouble (2018):

Powerful representation of the refugee's existence. - Theaterkrant ****

'Eight dancers moving almost non-stop.' - de Volkskrant

'(...) the plea for more understanding and less 'us against them' feels authentic.' - Het Parool


choreography Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben
dance performance Joan Ferré Gomez, Robin Nimanong, Serena Facchini, Noa van Tichel, Winter Wieringa
dramaturgy Judith Schoneveld
music composition Tom Parkinson
light- en set design Edwin van Steenbergen

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