30 Apr '19 to 01 May '19

Brave new world 2.0

NNT / Club Guy & Roni / Asko-Schönbergs K[h]AOS / Guy Weizman
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After Carousel and Salam, Brave New World 2.0 is the third performance in which director and choreographer Guy Weizman presents a world that is changing faster than you can keep up with. A world where everyone is looking for a new story, but at the same time struggling to escape from entrenched thought patterns.

Grote Zaal
Duration: 1h 50 no intermission
Language: Dutch


Dystopia is the opposite of utopia: not a view of a new and ideal world, but rather a fearful image of the horrors that await us. People love it. Dystopia shows that it is actually not that bad in our chaotic world: it can always get worse.

With Brave New World 2.0, theatre writer Rik van den Bos writes an ode to the wall, the barbed wire, the spyware and the anti-aircraft guns. A plea for distance-taking, crawling-back-in-the-shell and diving-under-the-duvet. Director Guy Weizman turns it into an in-your-face theatre experience with dance, live music and drama, through a cast of 25 players.

Guy Weizman
Guy Weizman

Het Israëlische koppel Guy Weizman en Roni Haver dansten allebei bij de wereldberoemde Batsheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv en bij verschillende Europese gezelschappen, om te eindigen bij Galili Dance in Groningen, in 1998. Of ja, eindigen: vier jaar later richtten ze hun eigen gezelschap op, Club Guy & Roni.

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