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In this new production for the large auditorium, Caligula turns the cameras around and points them at the people who watch him all the time. Like a surgeon, armed with video cameras as instruments, he begins his 'autopsy of the soul'.

Grote Zaal

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When his sister and beloved has died, a storm awakens in the head of the young, inexperienced Emperor Caligula. He is tormented by feelings of mourning and an ardent desire for life. Caligula subjects his people to a gruesome experiment: living in the light of death. To his followers, he is becoming more and more insane. But is he really insane, or just a terrifyingly honest ruler who refuses to be hypocritical?

The press about Caligula

“The piece makes it mark in its bald desperation. This yields an urgent and important stage evening. Played in a gut-wrenchingly strong way. And thought-provoking far beyond the final curtain.”- Theaterkrant ****

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Thibaud Delpeut
Thibaud Delpeut

Thibaud Delpeut (1978) studied psychology and followed the director’s course in Amsterdam. His big breakthrough was in 2007 with the play Brittannicus by Racine, and Antigone-Kreon-Oidipous after Sofokles (2009).

With his excentric view on theatre classics, Delpeut creates tightly choreographed, sharply realistic performances for an expansive target audience. With Miller’s All My Sons (also seen in Season 12|13 with TA), Delpeut completed a trilogy on war and violence following Blasted (Sarah Kane) and the self written Nacht. Delpeut took a new step in his search to a modern approach to the stage classics with Nore (2012). From September 2013, Delpeut is artistic director of DUS.

Delpeut’s directions can be identified by the central part of mankind, and its dilemma’s, choices and search for meaning. Always with the underlying question why the world is the way it is, and why living together – both in the personal and societal spectrum – tends to be so complicated.

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