Gabriela Carizzo & Franck Chartier / Peeping Tom (BE)


Gabriela Carizzo & Franck Chartier / Peeping Tom (BE)


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Kind is the third part of a trilogy about the safe, but sometimes also claustrophobic, family nest. After Vader and Moeder - both were shown at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam - it is now the children's turn. Kind is completely determined by their perspective. Every action is driven by children's view of the world, by their fears and desires.

Wed 3 July 19:00
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
Grote Zaal

Dutch premiere

XX minutes
No intermission
€30 / 25 / 20 / 12,50 / 10
Julidans Young €15

The world viewed through the eyes of the child.

Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier, who got to know each other as dancers at les ballets C de la B, founded their own company Peeping Tom in 2000. Together with a fixed group of acrobatic performers, they create dark dream worlds on stage where the rules of logic do not apply. Literally delusional: set pieces that lead their own life and swallow characters, people who appear and disappear. Live music plays an atmospheric role. They conquered the world from their location in Brussels.

‘As surreal as crazy, cruel, tender and deep at the same time as Peeping Tom knows or hardly anyone else dares to tell on stage in contemporary dance,’ Tanznet wrote.

In addition to praise from the critics, there were also international awards and commissions from other companies, such as Nederlands Dans Theater and Göteborgs OperansDanskompani. In 2016 Chartier received the most important Dutch dance prize, the Swan for most impressive dance production for The Lost Room, also a choreography for Nederlands Dans Theater. Vader was proclaimed the best dance performance of the year by NRC.

‘Incredibly beautiful theatre and at the same time harsh reality.’ - Het Parool about Vader *****

‘The scenes all resemble distorted dreams or memories, forged into a parallel universe to which David Lynch could take a lesson.’ - Trouw about Moeder.