Laura H.

Nederlands Theater Festival

Laura H.

Toneelgroep Oostpool / Nina Spijkers


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Laura H.
Toneelgroep Oostpool / Nina Spijkers
1st rank € 27,50 / 2nd rank € 25 / 3rd rank € 14,50

This performance is spoken in Dutch.

In 2015, a girl from Zoetermeer sought her happiness in the caliphate. A year later, she escapes from a nightmare. Jade Olieberg and Charlie Chan Dagelet are nominated for the Theo d'Or for their role in Laura H.

This performance is part of Nederlands Theater Festival (2-12 September 2021).

start at 8.30 P.M.
duration 90min
location Rabozaal
language spoken in Dutch

Laura H. is based on the eponymous bestseller by award-winning NRC journalist Thomas Rueb, who was totally fascinated by this case. He spoke to Laura, her father and other people involved for more than 150 hours. He read police reports and WhatsApp conversations. He follows Laura's trail into Iraq to reconstruct her almost incredible story.

-|-When a young Dutch woman escapes from the Syrian caliphate with her children in 2016 and returns to the Netherlands, this is news across all the media. There are many questions. Who is this woman? How did she get to the Islamic State? How did she escape? And maybe she was sent here to commit an attack? Rueb wants to know what inspired this young woman to travel to Syria with her husband and two young children. He also examines what happened next: Laura's conversion, the hellish life in the caliphate and her return after being found in the desert. An incredible but true story.

Jury report - official jury selection 2021

With the theatre adaptation Laura H., based on the book by Thomas Rueb, Toneelgroep Oostpool stimulates the audience to think about our desire for truth and objectivity. Nina Spijkers' direction offers every opportunity to display the contradictions inherent in Laura's character. This happens in sharp dialogues and unexpectedly quiet, physical scenes. The excellent acting lifts this game of challenge to a higher level in a sublime way.


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text Thomas Rueb
edited by Anoek Nuyens
director Nina Spijkers
with Lowie van Oers en Jade Olieberg
dramaturgy Madelon Kooijman
assistent director Emilie Pos
scenography Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck
licht design Jantje Geldof
image Henri Verhoef

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