17 Nov '21 to 18 Nov '21
ITA-ensemble / Simon Stone

For 24 centuries, writers and theater makers have told the story of the daughter of the king, Medea, who is rejected by her husband and subsequently kills her children. Is Medea the most popular of all Greek tragedies? In any case, she's the most horrifying. Simon Stone mixes Euripides' play with the true story of Debora Green, an American woman who killed her children in the 1990s.

Duration 80 minutes, no intermission
Language Dutch, with English surtitles on Thursdays
On tour in Istanbul

About the performance

In the version of Simon Stone, Medea has become the character Anna, a successful doctor who tries to get her life back on track after a forced internment. But her ex has different plans. Anna is in danger of losing everything. Not only her job but her children as well. Cornered, she sees only one way out.

Simon Stone: "Green's situation can happen to so many middle class women: wanting to be successful, but being overshadowed by a husband. In everyday life you hear the echo of the ancient world. We have had the same conversations for thousands of years."

-|-Marieke Heebink won the Theo d'Or for her performance as Anna/Medea. The performance was selected for Nederlands Theater Festival in 2015.

Program brochure

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In the press

'This flawless ensemble have created a raw masterpiece. - The Guardian *****

'La comédienne Marieke Heebink est géniale dans les ruptures de ton et dans la manière de laisser filer la violence' - Libération

'Marieke Heebink est une actrice et une Médée magnifiques.' - Le Monde

‘Letting his actors improvise is one of the ways in which Stone has created a performance that is very contemporary, but fortunately does not let go of the universal power of Euripides’s Medea. It is not just the adultery of her husband, but the way in which she is side-lined, that drives Anna to her actions.’ - Trouw ****

‘Heebink constructs her role beautifully, from pretending to be naive and hopeful, through despair to a dark frenzy. The result: a monumental, ruthless portrait of a confused woman.’ - De Volkskrant ***

This is world-class theatre. A first-rate adaptation, by a first-class director, powered by first-class performances. Exquisitely, brutally bold.'- The Stage *****

‘You don't go into a production of Medea under any allusion about how the play will end but Stone and his cast are brilliant at keeping you guessing how exactly they're going to get you there.’ - What’s on Stage *****

-|-‘a production that's short, sharp and shocking - and essential viewing’ - London Theatre *****

‘an absolute must-see; it is an absolute powerhouse that draws attention to the immense dramatic satisfaction slumbering in the world of Greek tragedy. Always entertaining, horrifying and spectacular, Medea is an important milestone of contemporary theatre.’ - The Up Coming *****

'Les enfants sont remarquables, qui instillent une légèreté, un humour qui délivrent des violences adultes. Eva Heijnen, Jip Smit, Bart Slegers, Fred Goessens sont d'une sobriéte, d'une densité impressionnantes. Mais c'est le duel des cerveaux et des corps de Aus Greidanus jr. et la fabuleuse Marieke Heebink qui saisit. La haine attise l ámour, la passion sexuelle décuple le désir de mort. C'est atrocement quotidien et épuvantablement mythique.' - Le Figaro


after Euripides
written and directed by Simon Stone
translation Vera Hoogstad, Peter van Kraaij
dramaturgy Peter van Kraaij
scenography Bob Cousins
lighting design Bernie van Velzen
sound design Stefan Gregory
costumes An D’Huys
private producer Joost & Marcelle Kuiper
cast Joy Delima, Alexander Elmecky, Aus Greidanus jr., Marieke Heebink, Eva Heijnen, Bart Slegers, Titus Theunissen, Sonny van Utteren

assistant director Dries Gijsels
assistant dramaturgy Vera Hoogstad
assistant scenography Ramón Huijbrechts
head of technical staff Reyer Meeter
production Michiel van Schijndel, Thomas van Son
technical staff Arist Richartz (1e inspiciënt), Matthijs Koning, Stephan Pot, Pieter Roodbeen, Erwin Sterk, Tim Vleugel, Jeffrey van Vloten, Ruud de Vos
costume department Farida Bouhbouh, Claudia Pellegrini (kleedwerk), Wim van Vliet (hoofd)
implementation decor Kloosterboer decor bv, Levtec
casting advice Hans Kemna
casting children Martha Mojet
accompaniment children Maja van der Esch
photography Sanne Peper, Jan Versweyveld (cover)
graphical design Serena Kloet
publicity Joris van den Ring–Bax
special thanks to Macbike, Oogappel


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