25 Sep '19

OPT De Internet Trilogie


URLAND onderzoekt wat de digitale revolutie de mens, de kunst en de verbeelding brengt. Verpakt als bewegingstheater, objectentheater en virtueel poppentheater. Met de toepassing van laptops, elektronische muziek, robotica en 3D-animatie als vaste materialen.

De Internet Trilogie bestaat uit de delen: MS DOS/Prometheus geketend (2014), EXPLORER/Prometheus ontketend (2015, i.s.m. CREW/Eric Joris), en INTERNET OF THINGS/Prometheus de Vuurbrenger (2016).

URLANDS voorstelling UR werd geselecteerd voor het Nederlands Theater Festival 2018. De Nederlandse Toneeljury zei hierover: ‘UR was een van de spannendste voorstellingen die dit seizoen in de kleine zaal te zien waren. … Slim, humoristisch, verrassend en gemaakt met een aanstekelijke energie waar het genot vanaf spat.’

‘Urland neutraliseert cynisme over theater.’
NRC Handelsblad****
‘Ur is een ode aan de verbeelding en de kunst, het theater in het bijzonder.’
de Volkskrant****


van en met Ludwig Bindervoet, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Marijn Alexander de Jong, Eric Joris, Jimi Zoet
kostuums Kostuumatelier Theater Rotterdam
productie URLAND / CREW

Educatie – met uw klas naar deze voorstelling

Onze afdeling Educatie maakt elk seizoen een selectie van voorstellingen die bijzonder geschikt zijn voor jongeren. Deze voorstelling is opgenomen in ons educatieaanbod.

Wilt u met uw groep bij ons een voorstelling bezoeken, neem dan alstublieft contact op met onze afdeling educatie. Zij kunnen u informeren over het gehele aanbod en bijbehorend educatief materiaal. In samenspraak stemmen we uw wensen en onze mogelijkheden zo goed mogelijk af.

ITA Educatie | Marije Wiggers | marije@ita.nl

Meer Theater

Language NP Language no problem De Drie MusketiersTheater De Warme Winkel / Het Amsterdamse Bostheater i.s.m. ITA De Drie Musketiers
Close De Drie Musketiers De Warme Winkel / Het Amsterdamse Bostheater i.s.m. ITA
02 Jul '19 to 31 Aug '19
Each summer it’s getting quiet in the theatre district around the Leidseplein. In these weeks we are happy to guide you the open air theatre the Amsterdamse Bostheater. Good theatre underneath the stars, by theatre companies which you could also meet in our theatre during the regular season.
Language NP Language no problem Small Town BoyTheater Toneelgroep Oostpool / ITA / Marcus Azzini Small Town Boy
Close Small Town Boy Toneelgroep Oostpool / ITA / Marcus Azzini
23 Jul '19 to 03 Aug '19
Small Town Boy – a reference to Bronski Beat’s most famous hit, from 1984 – tells the story of a boy from the country who cannot identify with the world imposed upon him as he grows up. Fleeing repression and lack of recognition, he moves to the big city. To Berlin, London, Amsterdam; free-thin...
Language NP Language no problem Fun HomeMusical Theater OpusOne / ITA / Koen van Dijk Fun Home
Close Fun Home OpusOne / ITA / Koen van Dijk
24 Jul '19 to 04 Aug '19
Fun Home, based on the book by Alison Bechdel, can only be seen in our theater for two weeks this summer. The musical was nominated for twelve Tony Awards (2015) and won in five categories, including Best Musical. In the play we see Alison in three periods in her life. She shares her memories o...
Language NP Language no problem The year of cancerTheater ITA–Ensemble The year of cancer
Close The year of cancer ITA–Ensemble
13 Aug '19 to 17 Aug '19
The year of cancer is one of director Luk Perceval’s favourite novels. The balance between big emotions and banality, between tense expectations and daily burdens forms the basis of his reading. ‘If you don’t go and watch this, you are denying yourself happiness.’ - NRC *****
Language NP Language no problem OedipusTheater ITA–Ensemble Oedipus
Close Oedipus ITA–Ensemble
14 Aug '19 to 08 Feb '20
King Oedipus is the perfect tragedy. In the wake of many before him, Robert Icke – who previously rewrote the Oresteia in London in a magnificent way – directs his own contemporary, free adaptation.
Language NP Language no problem De kersentuinTheater ITA–Ensemble De kersentuin
Close De kersentuin ITA–Ensemble
22 Aug '19 to 19 Jan '20
After having stayed in Paris for several years, the widow Ranevskaya returns to her family home in Russia. She encounters a changed world. The family’s debts have become so great that the house and estate will have to be auctioned. Businessman Lopakhin sees a way out. He proposes to cut down th...
Language NP Language no problem Outwitting the devilDance Akram Khan Dance Company / Akram Khan Outwitting the devil
Close Outwitting the devil Akram Khan Dance Company / Akram Khan
28 Aug '19 to 29 Aug '19
Everywhere humanity goes, they leave an indelible mark on their surroundings that lasts for centuries. Master choreographer Akram Khan and six dancers go in search of fragments of wisdom from ancient times.
Language NP Language no problem La voix humaineTheater ITA–Ensemble La voix humaine
Close La voix humaine ITA–Ensemble
10 Sep '19 to 21 Dec '19
With The human voice (La voix humaine), Jean Cocteau wrote the ultimate farewell monologue. A woman speaks to her ex on the phone in a last attempt to undo their breakup. Gradually, she realizes that the lover has chosen another for good. This moving monologue premiered in 2009 and has since th...
Language NP Language no problem FreudTheater ITA–Ensemble Freud
Close Freud ITA–Ensemble / Ivo van Hove
18 Sep '19 to 30 Nov '19
In the late 1950s, French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre wrote The Freud Scenario, at the request of Hollywood director John Huston. Sartre is completely immersed in the subject, that he writes a script for a seven hour movie. Huston reduces the many hundreds of pages to a two-hour film. Because ...
Language NP Language no problem Mary said what she saidTheater Théâtre de la Ville / Robert Wilson Mary said what she said
Close Mary said what she said Théâtre de la Ville / Robert Wilson
19 Sep '19 to 21 Sep '19
Ever inventive, Robert Wilson offers great Isabelle Huppert the throne of Mary, Queen of Scotland, the queen who lost her crown because of her passions. Mary is a woman who fought the forces of history to control her destiny. The day before her execution, she is still fighting.
Language NP Language no problem OPT De Internet TrilogieTheater URLAND OPT De Internet Trilogie
Language NP Language no problem Drie zustersTheater Urban Myth / Koos Terpstra Drie zusters
Language NP Language no problem De thuiskomstTheater ITA–Ensemble De thuiskomst
Close De thuiskomst ITA–Ensemble
09 Oct '19 to 30 Nov '19
Following on from Uit het leven van marionetten, Nanouk Leopold is now directing the ITA ensemble in The Homecoming, one of the most frequently performed plays by English playwright and Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter.
Language NP Language no problem MedeaTheater ITA–Ensemble Medea
Close Medea ITA–Ensemble
16 Oct '19 to 29 May '20
Simon Stone made a radical adaptation of Euripides’s Greek tragedy about the daughter of the king, who is replaced with a younger woman by her husband and kills her children out of revenge. He turned it into a contemporary story. He let himself be inspired by the true story of an American docto...