We Make The City - Up close and liveable


We Make The City - Up close and liveable


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We Make The City - Up close and liveable

Het festival dat steden beter maakt nodigt iedereen uit om steden meer leefbaar, veilig, rechtvaardig, duurzaam, bereikbaar en inclusief te maken. Een week lang staat de hele Metropoolregio Amsterdam in het teken van urgente stedelijke vraagstukken én oplossingen.

Your environment, where you are born, where you attend school, where you build a network, has a great impact on your life expectancy. So if WE make the city, how do we provide equal access to housing, education and health services? How do we handle digital rights and deal with the consequences of growing tourism? And how to do this in a more sustainable and inclusive way? Professionals from cities like Berlin, Boston, Copenhagen, Milan, New York, Paris, Stockholm, Singapore and Tokyo come together to share strategies and solutions on these topics.

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