The doctor

The doctor
13 May '22 to 22 May '22
ITA-ensemble / Robert Icke
1st rank € 38.50 / 2nd rank € 36 / 3rd rank € 25.50

'A play that sparkles, and also touches deeply on a human level' – Volkskrant ★★★★★

'Fascinating piece on gender inequality, racism and class difference' – NRC ★★★★

'Breathtaking role of Janni Goslinga' – Volkskrant ★★★★★

Robert Icke is referred to as the 'great talent of British theatre’ and will be our resident director for the next few years. He has a warm heart for the classics, which he adapts in his own personal and radical way. We have already seen this with Oedipus and Children of Nora, which he wrote and directed especially for ITA. Once again, he is making a contemporary adaptation, this time of Professor Bernhardi by Arthur Schnitzler.

Venue Rabozaal
Duration 2 hours and 45 minutes, with one intermission
Language Dutch, with English surtitles on Thursdays
A stroboscopee is used in the performance.

Robert Icke on The doctor
‘A girl is dying in a room in a hospital. A priest wants to go in, but the girl's doctor will not allow it. So begins Arthur Schnitzler's play Professor Bernhardi, from which The Doctor is adapted. For Schnitzler, the conflicts were simple to lay out: medicine versus religion, and Catholic versus Jew. Yet, in the city of today, in the online age, in a world increasingly polarised, the question of identity is a live one, multi-faceted and endlessly complicated. De dokter thinks about identity, about groups and individuals, about the badges we choose and those we don't, and asks how we can ever answer the simplest of questions: who are we?’ -|- Icke turned the Jewish doctor Bernhardi into a woman, Ruth Wolff. As a result of the incident, Wolff finds herself so heavily criticised by others that the future of her hospital is at stake. Meanwhile, a colleague uses her misfortune as an opportunity to manipulate an internal appointment procedure in his favour.

Racial prejudice and hidden agendas: it makes The doctor a thriller in which clashing views about the way we see ourselves and the world we live in today create an explosive cocktail.

The Doctor © Dim Balsem
The Doctor © Dim Balsem

The press about The Doctor

'A play that sparkles, and also touches deeply on a human level' – Volkskrant ★★★★★

'Fascinating piece on gender inequality, racism and class difference' – NRC ★★★★

‘In the first one and a half hour of this nearly three-hour performance, everyone is ever so excited and hostile and so incredibly sharp that a sense of panic arises under your skin. Probably exactly the intention of British director Robert Icke. Impressive third production at ITA.’ – Trouw ★★★★

'Very strong cast, script and staging' – Scènes ★★★★★

-|- ‘Buzzing, performed with dizzying speed’ – Groene Amsterdammer

‘Excellent acting’ – Noord-Hollands Dagblad

‘Strong ensemble scenes’ – Parool

‘Impressive production’ – Theaterkrant

‘Accessible, smooth and often very witty’ – Volkskrant ★★★★★

Program brochure

Read more about the text, direction and the scenography of this performance in our digital program brochure.

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Robert Icke Kinderen van Nora Children of Nora © Jan Versweyveld
Robert Icke
Robert Icke

Robert Icke decided to become a playwright and director after he had been torn away from his PlayStation by his father as a teenager and saw a performance of Richard III, with Kenneth Branagh in the title role. Now – only 34 years old – he is regarded as a great young talent in British theatre. From 2013 until 2019 he was an associate director at the Almeida in London, the famous theatre that used to be led by Pierre Audi before he came to Amsterdam.

Since 2019 Robert Icke has committed himself to Internationaal Theater Amsterdam as Ibsen Artist in Residence. This new form of support was created by the Philip Loubser Foundation.

In season 21|22, he will be directing The Doctor and Judas at ITA and his directing of Children of Nora and Oedipus will be reprised.

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Kinderen van Nora Children of Nora © Jan Versweyveld
Hildegard Bechtler
Set designer
Hildegard Bechtler

Hildegard Bechtler is an award-winning designer based in London and working internationally. As well as Oedipus and Children of Nora for the ITA ensemble, Hildegard has collaborated with director Robert Icke on the acclaimed Almeida Theatre productions of Hamlet, Mary Stuart and Oresteia (all of which transferred to London’s West End) and Uncle Vanya and Enemy of the People (Park Avenue Armory).

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written and directed by Robert Icke
very freely adapted from Professor Bernhardi by Arthur Schnitzler
translation Aus Greidanus jr.
scenography and costume design Hildegard Bechtler
lighting design Natasha Chivers
sound design and composition Tom Gibbons
original producer Almeida Theater
with Joy Delima, Janni Goslinga, Aus Greidanus jr., Maria Kraakman, Ilke Paddenburg, Bart Slegers, Nadia Amin, Sam Ghilane, Nina de Jong (musician), Dewi Reijs, Iris Amber Stenger, Farida van den Stoom

assistant director Daniel ’t Hoen, Joshua Higgott, Chloé Harris (intern)
assistant scenography Ramón Huijbrechts, Leanne Vandenbussche (rehearsals)
assistant costume design Leanne Vandenbussche
assistant sound design Johnny Edwards
assistant dramaturgy Maria Luttikhuis
head of technical department Reyer Meeter
head of artistic bureau Ulrike Bürger-Bruijs
casting advice Hans Kemna
production leader Edith den Hamer
technical staff Stijn van der Leeuw (1e inspiciënt), Fons Baltus, Sander van Elteren, Danne Hekman, Hero Kaspers, Berend van Leer (intern), Boy van Maasakker, Wouter Pieters, Stephan Pot, Michel Smouter, Erwin Sterk, Ruud de Vos
hair and make-up David Verswijveren
costume department Wim van Vliet (head), Farida Bouhbouh
tailor Claudia Pellegrini
photography Dim Balsem
graphical design Sara Fortuin, Studio ITA
publicity Joris van den Ring-Bax


To visit this performance you need a valid COVID admission ticket. This can be a negative test result, a vaccination certificate or proof that you have recovered from corona (proof of recovery). You must convert one of these into a QR code in the CoronaCheck app or a print via Only then will you have a valid COVID admission ticket.



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