Outwitting the devil

Akram Khan Company / Akram Khan

Outwitting the devil

Akram Khan Company / Akram Khan


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Everywhere humanity goes, they leave an indelible mark on their surroundings that lasts for centuries. Master choreographer Akram Khan and six dancers go in search of fragments of wisdom from ancient times.

Grote Zaal
Duration: 80 minutes (no intermission)


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The shards of ancient myths.

Akram Khan is one of today's most important choreographers. With his work, he bridges the gap between traditional Indian kathak and Western contemporary dance by collaborating with artists from all over the world, from choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui to actress Juliette Binoche and superstar Kylie Minogue. The result is 'of unimaginable beauty', according to de Volkskrant. Outwitting the Devil is at once a memory and a confession, a puzzle pieced together in the dark that contains the story of who we once were, and may again become.

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'A truly magnificent work of art' - Dance Europe

'The performers, aged from 25 to 68, all exceptional, from different cultures and techniques - bharata natyam, contemporary, classical and traditional, hip-hop ... – develop a sophisticated choreography to the end of their toes. Graceful and sharp, between heaven and earth with its pliés at ground level and the eyes upwards, very animal too, the gesture captures, catches, bites, hugs, strangles. The swirling round dances raise a storm, about sacrifice and revenge. […] With Outwitting the Devil, Akram Khan asserts an aesthetic and political turn.' - Le Monde

'Outwitting the Devil is a work that seems essential today, to feel the urgency to act and avoid - or probably anticipate - some form of collapse of our thermo-industrial civilisation.' - Maze.fr

'In this piece, cooperating with six exceptional international artists representing many different countries and cultures, Akram Khan explores new forms and styles with inexorable and unconditional ferocity.' - Dance Europe

'One comes out of Outwitting the Devil more aware than ever of the ephemeral nature of existence.' - La Provence


choreography Akram Khan
dancers Ching-Ying Chien, Jasper Narvaez, Dominique Petit, James Pham, Mythili Prakash, Sam Pratt
dramaturgy Ruth Little
lighting Aideen Malone
visual design Tom Scutt
sound Design Vincenzo Lamagna
costume design Kimie Nakano
Original material devised by Ching-Ying Chien, Andrew Pan, Dominique Petit, James Vu Anh Pham, Mythili Prakash and Sam Pratt.

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