the damned

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the damned

ITA-ensemble / Bl!ndman / Amsterdamse Bostheater / Comédie-Française / Ivo van Hove


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the damned
ITA-ensemble / Bl!ndman / Amsterdamse Bostheater / Comédie-Française / Ivo van Hove
€ 21.50 / € 16.50

'The Damned is a crushing ode to the wickedness of humankind' - Trouw ★★★★★

After Avignon, Paris, London, Antwerp and New York, this summer Ivo van Hove is bringing Visconti's The Damned to the Amsterdam Bostheater. This overwhelming and cinematic theatre experience will be our ensemble's first large-scale production in the open air.

Location Amsterdamse Bostheater
Run time 135 minutes
Genre Theatre
Language Dutch
Surtitles English

The age recommendation for this production is 16+. The performance contains explicit scenes, including violence and nudity.

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The Damned

Les Damnés had its world premiere as the opening performance of the Festival d'Avignon in the majestic setting of the Cour d'Honneur in the former Papal Palace. This theatrical adaptation, based on a film script by Italian film director Luchino Visconti, shows how a family of rich German industrialists is fatally corrupted in its collaboration with the Nazi party that has come to power. Family patriarch Baron Joachim resists and is liquidated. The struggle for the succession leads to an escalation of intrigues and manipulations, betrayal and murder.
The Guardian called it a 'chilling prophetic masterstroke'. De Standaard called it 'a grand total work of art'. The New York Times spoke of 'a rich and ruthless production'. Ivo van Hove again finds a mythical and epic dimension, while he lets his actors play the drama in the most organic and human way possible', wrote Le Monde.

Ivo van Hove on The Damned

‘It tells the story of the venomous alliance between politicians at the highest level and a family running the allmighty steel industry. Visconti situates his story at a pivotal moment in our European history: the rise of fascism in Germany. I think we should look very closely at these mechanisms, because they could be relevant for how we deal with major issues these days. In big, lavish scenes, The Damned gives us a look into the abyss of what humans are capable of and how easy this family solidifies with an extreme right wing regime just for financial gain. The Damned shows the rise and fall of an influential greedy family and an immoral political system. Or is it most of all a story that makes us think about the world we live in today?’


Language NP Language no problem Joshua Albano Joshua Albano
Language NP Language no problem Bart Bijnens Bart Bijnens
Language NP Language no problem Rob Das Rob Das
Language NP Language no problem Janni Goslinga Janni Goslinga
Language NP Language no problem Aus Greidanus jr. Aus Greidanus jr.
Language NP Language no problem Marieke Heebink Marieke Heebink
Language NP Language no problem Achraf Koutet Achraf Koutet
Language NP Language no problem Maria Kraakman Maria Kraakman
Language NP Language no problem Thor Louwerens Thor Louwerens
Language NP Language no problem Chris Nietvelt Chris Nietvelt
Language NP Language no problem Hans Kesting Hans Kesting
Language NP Language no problem Daniël Kolf Daniël Kolf
Language NP Language no problem Hugo Koolschijn Hugo Koolschijn
Language NP Language no problem Majd Mardo Majd Mardo
Language NP Language no problem Yassine El Ouardi Yassine El Ouardi
Language NP Language no problem Ilke Paddenburg Ilke Paddenburg
Language NP Language no problem Bart Slegers Bart Slegers
Language NP Language no problem Dalorim Wartes Dalorim Wartes
Language NP Language no problem Alwin Pulinckx Alwin Pulinckx
Language NP Language no problem Steven Van Watermeulen Steven Van Watermeulen



'The Damned is a crushing ode to the wickedness of humankind'


'Large-scale open-air theatre about the depravity of man'

De Telegraaf

'A masterpiece that hits home with the audience'


'Phenomenal and spine-chilling: ITA actors show their true worth again'.

de Volkskrant

'Majd Mardo is absolutely brilliant: a dancing, singing, deeply depraved dandy'

Noordhollands Dagblad

'Impressive all-round masterpiece'

Program brochure

Since both ITA and the Bostheater try to use as little paper as possible, ITA offers digital programme booklets. Download the PDF via this link and read more about the show, the makers and actors, and view the family tree. In this way, you will be fully prepared for the Bostheater.

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Baron Joachim von Essenbeck
Sophie von Essenbeck
Friedrich Bruckmann
Martin von Essenbeck
Konstantin von Essenbeck
Günther von Essenbeck
Elisabeth Thallman / serveerster
Gouvernante / moeder van Lisa
Wolf von Aschenbach
Rector / Inspecteur
Facilitair medewerker
Casper Nusselder
Facilitair medewerker
Facilitair medewerker
Rob Das
Facilitair medewerker
Kuan Jung
Facilitair medewerker
Facilitair medewerker

The Amsterdam Bostheater

For thirty-seven years, the Amsterdam Bostheater has been the shining centre of the summer, where every year, in addition to concerts, film evenings and youth theatre, a large special theatre production is presented.

Ingejan Lighart Schenk - Director of the Amsterdam Bostheater
After Avignon, New York and London, the masterpiece The Damned can now finally be seen in the Netherlands. We are proud to be able to present this large-scale production by alliance partner ITA in the Amsterdam Bostheater. I am looking forward to showing Ivo van Hove's acclaimed direction to the public this summer in our beautiful open-air theatre.

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directed by Ivo van Hove
by Luchino Visconti, Nicola Badalucco and Enrico Medioli
translation Janine Brogt
dramaturgy Bart Van den Eynde
stage design and light Jan Versweyveld
costumes An D'Huys
composer, music and sound design Eric Sleichim
video Tal Yarden

with Majd Mardo, Marieke Heebink, Steven Van Watermeulen, Hans Kesting, Aus Greidanus jr., Hugo Koolschijn, Janni Goslinga, Ilke Paddenburg, Bart Slegers, Maria Kraakman, Chris Nietvelt, Bart Bijnens, Casper Nusselder, Dalorim Wartes/Alwin Pulinckx, Daniël Kolf, Josua Albano, Kuan Jung The, Rob Das, Thor Louwerens, Yassine El Ouardi

musicians Hendrik Pellens, Piet Rebel, Pieter Pellens, Sebastiaan Cooman

children Ella van der Vaart, Jolie Winterkamp, Kate Muda, Madelief Gomes, Pitou Gomes, Nanouk Oerlemans, Rosa Baars, Samae Manuputy, Sofie Menting

co-producer Comedie Française, Bl!ndman, Het Amsterdamse Bostheater
assistant director Olivier Diepenhorst, Zorba Huisman
assistant dramaturgy (internship) Doris de Vries
assistant scenography Bart van Merode
assistant costumes Anna Gillis
assistant sound design Erwin Sterk
assistant video design Mark Thewessen


head of technique Reyer Meeter
head artistic office Ulrike Bürger-Bruijs
casting advice Hans Kemna
production Inge Zeilinga, Michiel van Schijndel, Eva Sol
location manager Marleen Koens
technique Rick van Liesveld Daan van Oene, Joris Reijmer, Hero Kaspers, Yannick Bruine de Bruin, Zinzi Kemper, Emile Bleeker, Paul Meijer, Rinse de Jong, Dennis van Scheppingen, Nelis Meijer, Ingmar Kviele, Jip Van 't Veer, Kevin Cuyvers, Luuk Geertsen
camera Boris de Ruijter, Thorsten Alofs
procurer David Logger
costume workshop Farida Bouhbouh, Wim van Vliet (head)
dressmaking Leanne Vandenbussche, Suzanne Kollen, Petra Kamphuis
hairdressing & make-up Mirjam Venema, David Verswijveren
surtitles Anna Sijbrands, Suzanne Souverein
child guidance Anna Kostelijk, Roann Postma
child casting Martha Mojet
intimacy coordinator Markoesa Hamer, Zarah Bracht
catering Punt Kookt, Ana’s Mexican Roots, Ingrid Mulder en Esther Doesburg
photography Dim Balsem, Fabian Calis
graphic design Serena Kloet, Sara Fortuin
communication Bart Buytenhek, Evelien ter Ellen

with thanks to Comedie Francaise, Anta, Michel van Gulik, Fie Schouten, Multa Casting, vrijwilligers van het Amsterdamse Bostheater, alle figuranten van de filmshoot, Theaterkunst GmbH


"Our gratitude goes to AMMODO as ITA's production partner. And the Brook Foundation, with whose contribution this production is partly made. Ivo van Hove received the Johannes Vermeer Prize 2019. He will use the amount of money associated with this prize to further develop the I of Internationaal Theater Amsterdam. The Damned is one of the productions that will be realised with this."

This production is supported by


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