Blood Wedding

Blood Wedding
29 Mar '23 to 15 Apr '23
ITA-ensemble / Wim Vandekeybus

Blood Wedding is directed by the internationally renowned Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus, who is a regular guest in our dance programming. He also directs stage productions, such as Oedipus/bêt noir with his own company Ultima Vez or Die Bakchen with the Residenztheater in Munich. Known for his strong physical and theatrical dance language, only last year he was responsible for the dance scenes in Ivo van Hove's Age of Rage at ITA.

Run time tba
Genre Theater
Language Dutch
Surtitles Thu April 6, 13

Public rehearsal Wed March 29
In Gesprek Fri March 31 and April 7, 14
Opening night Sun April

Blood Wedding

A wedding is planned in the 1930s in the Andalusian countryside. The marriage is loveless because it was arranged by the families for business reasons: the bride and groom hardly know each other.

When the bride's former lover shows up on the day of the wedding, old feelings resurface. Driven by an indestructible love, the bride and her lover run off during the party. A savage manhunt is launched. The outcome is fatal.

Wim Vandekeybus © Filip Claessens

Wim Vandekeybus about Blood Wedding

'Blood Wedding is teeming with themes that have cropped up in my own creations for decades: death, risk and freedom. It is an archaic and deeply human drama about family hatred. The security of a bourgeois existence loses out to passionate love, which drives itself to death. Lorca mixes high theatricality with naivety, primitivism and cruelty. He digs into the subconscious of his characters. It is precisely that subconscious that will be the driving force in our Blood Wedding.'


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The groom
The mother
The neighbour, the mother in law
Leonardo’s wife, the bride
Eefje Paddenburg
The girl
The father of the bride


After the performance, come and think, listen and chat at In Gesprek. We invite a guest to further explore the themes of Blood Wedding and to exchange experiences. If you have any questions, this is the perfect time to ask them. In Gesprek is free of charge and starts shortly after the performance in one of our foyers, is conducted in Dutch and lasts about half an hour.

Wim Vandekeybus © Danny Willems
Wim Vandekeybus
Wim Vandekeybus

Wim Vandekeybus is a choreographer, theatre director, filmmaker and photographer. He founded his dance company Ultima Vez in 1987 and made a remarkable artistic debut with his first performance What the body does not remember. The performance won a Bessie, an award granted for groundbreaking work. His second performance Les porteuses de mauvaises nouvelles (1989) was also honoured with this award. In his unique style, Vandekeybus has created milestones in the development of modern dance with his performances over the last few decades, at home and abroad.

In season 22|23 Wim Vandekeybus is making Blood Wedding with our ITA-ensemble. Age of Rage, for which he made the choreography, will be reprised.

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directed by Wim Vandekeybus
written by Federico Garía Lorca
translation Dolf Verspoor
dramaturgy Maria Luttikhuis
scenography Gijs Van Vaerenbergh
costumes Isabel Lhoas

private producer Helga Lasschuijt en Dirk Raes
light design Wim Vandekeybus
video design Fernando Vandekeybus
assistant director Maria Luttikhuis
casting advice Hans Kemna


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